Product Showcase

Product Showcase showing off the lastest products for EMS professionals

Product Showcase

See-Thru CPR

     See-Thru CPR is a unique new feature of the ZOLL E Series Defibrillator. Its signal processing technology extracts CPR artifacts from the ECG so you can see organized rhythms without interrupting compressions. Call 800/348-9011, or visit

Ferno introduces line of defibrillator mounts

     Ferno has introduced a full line of defibrillator mounts. This new product line is part of Ferno's ongoing commitment to support EMS provider safety on scene and in the ambulance with the most complete line of emergency patient handling products and accessories. The Ferno line of defibrillator mounts increases the safety of EMS crews and their patients by securing a defibrillator inside an ambulance during patient transport. Call 877/733-0911, or visit

Latest in fracture response systems

     The SEFRS (Model SX405) from Minto Research & Development, Inc. is the latest in fracture response systems. SEFRS features a fail-safe compact emergency traction splint, an adaptor and extender shafts, as well as a selection of multi-versatile SAM Splints. This compact kit will treat any limb fracture in the human body without traction-from a dislocated shoulder to a bent knee injury. Call 800/642-6468, or visit

Reeves ICP offers trailer + shelter combo/

     Introducing the Reeves ICP-a unique trailer and shelter combination that allows the incident commander to establish a fully equipped interoperable incident command post through which fire-rescue professionals can communicate with each other regardless of differences in equipment or hardware. It includes a state-of-the-art trailer design, as well as a military-grade shelter that can be set up in minutes, and optional interoperable communications equipment. Call 800/328-5563, or visit

ResQPOD Impedance Threshold Device

     During CPR, the ResQPOD restricts unwanted airflow back into the lungs as the chest recoils. This allows the negative pressure being created in the thoracic cavity to act on the circulatory system and pull more blood into the heart. As a result, systolic pressures increase and push more blood to the brain and vital organs. Find your local Bound Tree Medical account manager at, or call 800/533-0523.

Portable ventilator

     The EMV is Impact's latest portable ventilator in its 731 Series, developed for the prehospital, transport and mass casualty care environments. It has its own air compressor, air/oxygen mixer and pulse oximeter. The EMV accepts low or high pressure oxygen, operates for 10 hours between recharges and weighs under 10 lbs. Features include an easy-to-learn user interface, daylight-visible LCD with Smart Help alarm messaging, and green-yellow-red at-a-glance notification of patient and device status. Call 973/882-1212, or visit



Emergency Pediatric Care (EPC)

     Attend the best in EMS education! A two-day course offered by NAEMT, Emergency Pediatric Care provides students with a practical understanding of care for pediatric respiratory, cardiovascular, medical and traumatic emergencies. Presentation materials have just been updated with the most current information in the field. The EPC course is accredited by CECBEMS and awards 16 CE hours. Call 800/346-NAEMT, or visit

Rapid, safe endotracheal intubation

     The new S.A.L.T. (Supraglottic Airway Laryngopharyngeal Tube) from MDI, a subsidiary of Ecolab, allows for rapid, safe, effective endotracheal intubation. What once took minutes now takes just seconds. Unlike a laryngoscope, which can require several potentially costly, time-consuming attempts before an airway is established, the innovative S.A.L.T. design allows for quick, easy insertion to immediately establish an airway for the patient. S.A.L.T. is the new gold standard for airway management via endotracheal intubation in emergency situations. Call 800/824-3027.

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