EMS EXPO 2007 Top Picks Semi-Finalists

EMS EXPO 2007 Top Picks Semi-Finalists

Article Jan 24, 2008

Each year, EMS Magazine editorial advisory board member Mike Smith makes his way around the EMS EXPO exhibit hall, seeking out the most innovative products to be launched or redeveloped over the previous year. His picks were profiled in the January 2007 issue. What follows are submissions from the semi-finalists. For more information on the conference, visit www.emsexpo2007.com.

LSP AutoVent 4000 Series Transport Ventilator with Optional CPAP from Allied Healthcare Products
The Life Support Products AutoVent 4000 Series Transport Ventilator provides the capabilities of ventilation and CPAP in one system. Features include independent setting for the critical ventilation parameters of breaths per minute, inspiratory time, tidal volume and airway pressure relief. Manual breath button and anti-breath stacking are standard on all models. Optional air mixing provides 65% O2 concentration for extended cylinder life during lengthy transports. A large color-coded manometer gauge, along with a full set of alarms, ensure optimal performance and patient safety. Add any combination of air mix mode, electronic alarm package or CPAP to the basic model to customize the AutoVent 4000 for your specific needs. For more information, call 800/444-3954, or visit www.alliedhpi.com.

HeadHugger Disposable Head Immobilizer from Ferno
The Ferno HeadHugger Disposable Head Immobilizer provides a low-cost method for effective head immobilization. The HeadHugger is constructed of specially-treated, heavy-grade, water-resistant corrugated material and features independent support panels that fold around the patient's head and are held in place with hook-and-loop fasteners. The HeadHugger is radiolucent and provides minimal interference with CT scanners or MRIs. For more information, call 877/733-0911, or visit www.ferno.com.

onboard Mobile Gateway from In Motion Technology
In Motion Technology's onboard Mobile Gateway solves the problem of finding effective communications solutions for in-vehicle use by enabling secure Local Area Networking (LAN) for mission-critical applications. The onboard Mobile Gateway turns vehicles into local area networks, providing mobile workers with all the benefits of being connected to the corporate network. In Motion Technology serves many first responders including police officers, firefighters and paramedics. By providing customers with a choice of up to four networks, and the ability to seamlessly switch between networks, In Motion has addressed the issues of network reliability and availability. Customers need the best available wireless and now can deploy multiple applications though multiple networks in each vehicle securely, simply and cost-effectively. For more information, call 866/468-2968, or visit www.inmotiontechnology.com.

ETC Digital System from KbPort LLC
The ETC Digital System is capable of capturing audio, video, log file and patient monitor info with Laerdal and Gaumard manikins in real time. Playback is instantaneous. Its mobile, compact design allows for easy setup in a traditional lab or in "out of lab" environments. It offers integrated multifunctional interfaces for up to four cameras, with an integrated PTZ feature for controlling Sony network PTZ cameras. Recorder and client can communicate wirelessly or can be hard-wired. User can debrief previously recorded simulations via easy Web-based interface. You can also stream live simulations to any computer on the network via Internet Explorer. Export recorded simulations to Windows AVI for embedding in applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint. For more information, call 412/487-4663, or visit www.kbport.com.

Cuff First from Microflex
Designed to help minimize wasted time and unnecessary expense, the Cuff First system provides a full range of non-latex glove sizes in convenient, pre-packed 10- or 20- pack dispensers. Cuff First features Microflex's best-selling Supreno nitrile gloves--Standard Exam and Extended Cuff length versions available. The Cuff First system provides your size glove, one at a time, cuff first. It is recommended for use when on-the-go, immediate access to personally sized gloves is a must; you need the right glove in the right size at the right time; day-to-day hazards require a glove with a proven combination of durability and strength; you are working in environments that demand consistent grip and reliability; and any work environment where access and speed can make a difference. Accessories available to the Cuff First glove dispensers include a Clip and a Belt Holster, allowing you the ability to position the dispenser in the most convenient locations. Take the plastic 10- or 20- count plastic glove pack, clip it in, and go. For more information, call 800/876-6866, or visit www.microflex.com.

The recently released Version 8.1 of PEPID LLC's PEPID EMS Plus NAEMSE brings EMTs and paramedics instant information quicker and easier than before. PEPID EMS is now available over the air for all devices, making the latest information from PEPID simpler and accessible no matter where you are. PEPID's toxicology section has been thoroughly revised, and tools such as illustrations and medical calculators have been added. Reviewed by the National Association of EMS Educators, PEPID EMS provides complete information on more than 1,500 medical topics, 600 illustrations, more than 300 medical calculators, 7,300 drug names and a powerful drug interactions generator. For more information, visit www.pepid.com.

LUCAS Chest Compression System from Physio-Control
The LUCAS Chest Compression System performs external CPR on adult patients in out-of-hospital and hospital settings. Designed to provide effective, consistent and uninterrupted compressions according to AHA Guidelines, LUCAS helps minimize pauses in CPR. By maintaining high-quality hands-free compressions, LUCAS frees responders to focus on other lifesaving therapies and allows them to wear seatbelts during transport. The simple and intuitive design with one control knob makes operation easy, and LUCAS can be applied to a patient in less than 20 seconds. LUCAS is compact and lightweight and is easily carried to the patient in the custom-designed backpack. No disposables are required. For more information, visit www.physio-control.com, or call 800/442-1142.

ALS Roller from Thomas EMS
Both the ALS Roller and ALS Ultra Roller feature a lightweight internal frame with a telescoping handle and inset wheel system, while still maintaining full "backpack" functionality. The new impervious, quick-clean back panel allows for rapid and easy decontamination and cleaning post-response. Also, the upgraded, dual-adjust backpack straps with chest connect and "tuck-away" pocket allows the backpack straps to remain connected for quick carrying, yet protected from contaminants and everyday wear and tear. For more, call 800/505-6503, or www.thomasems.com.

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BCI Capnocheck from Tri-Anim
The BCI Capnocheck is a pocket-size quantitative capnometer that monitors carbon dioxide concentrations and respiratory rate in one easy-to-use device. The Capnocheck Capnometer uses a miniaturized mainstream ETCO2 technology providing unmatched accuracy in a lightweight device. Its one-button operation and no warm-up time provides EMS personnel immediate information on the patient's condition. The Capnocheck does not need to be calibrated, and is powered by two AAA batteries for up to eight hours of continuous operation. The Capnocheck disposable airway adapter has standard 15/22mm connections that fit directly from any ventilator or resuscitation bag to any mask, LMA, or endotracheal tube. The Capnocheck Capnometer provides a fully quantitative value that is now recommended in the AHA 2005 guidelines. The Capnocheck Capnometer has multiple clinical applications in emergency medicine including intubation verification, an indicator for spontaneous return circulation, routine airway management, and ventilator management. During resuscitation the Capnocheck can be an effective noninvasive indicator of: cardiac output, the effectiveness of CPR, and an early indicator for return of spontaneous circulation. For more information, call 800/TRI-ANIM (874-2646), or visit www.tri-anim.com.


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