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The latest products in the EMS market.

One-hand, multifunction rescue knife
The versatile new 883 Code 3 CrossLock from Buck Knives is a double-blade, multi-function emergency knife designed for easy one-hand use. The CrossLock design lets the user roll the knife to each side for easy access to either the sculpted spear-point blade for utility on one side, or the blunt-tip, fully serrated sheepsfoot blade on the other side for more aggressive cutting with safety. Both of the 3" blades lock open and are made of Buck's high-quality 420HC stainless steel and heat-treated to the ideal standard RC 58 hardness for peak performance.
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Ventilator focuses on mass casualty needs
The Model 73X from Impact Instrumentation is the first self-contained portable ventilator developed specifically for transport and mass casualty care. Knowing that limited oxygen supplies would deplete during a mass casualty incident and having an alternative, self-contained gas source is imperative, the "X" can be used with external oxygen and is operable via its own internal compressor using filtered ambient air.
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Multi-parameter spot-check device
Welch Allyn has introduced the Spot Vital Signs LXi, a multi-parameter spot-check device that can be customized for use in a variety of clinical settings. Its SureBP blood pressure technology measures on inflation, taking accurate blood pressure readings in approximately 15 seconds. Other features include: manual weight, height, respiration rate and pain level entry; connection to select digital weight scales; body mass index (BMI) calculation; and connectivity to electronic medical records (EMRs). Also offers SureTemp Plus thermometry and the Braun ThermoScan PRO 4000 thermometer to obtain temperature readings from the ear.
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Web-based drug tracking
Protelligent, Inc. recently launched its eyeKnow Inventory Tracking System--an exclusive Web-based application that allows EMS organizations to track controlled drugs deployed on all EMS vehicles through an effective, time-efficient software tool available for the first time. Developed by company experts working with a fire captain, eyeKnow works through a three-step process that uses bar codes to track drugs and takes mere seconds from a user's busy day.
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LifeScience PLUS prevents blood loss
To prevent unnecessary blood loss, LifeScience PLUS, a manufacturer of medical care products, recently introduced the revolutionary BloodSTOP line of hemostatic gauze. BloodSTOP is a water-soluble, hypoallergenic treatment made from biologically inert, natural regenerated cellulose that interacts with blood platelets and fibrin to form a gelatinous clear shield that seals wounds and stops bleeding quickly and safely.
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SOG Spec-Elite
The Spec-Elite series racy new Pentagon Elite blades from SOG Knives are designed for high performance with reverse-curve main edge and quickness of opening. The Arc-Lock includes: strength: independently lab-tested at over 1,000 lbs. of pressure without lock failure; speed: spring-action provides fast, smooth one-handed opening; safety: positive closing feature ensures that the blade securely stays within the handle when closed; ambidexterity: blade can be comfortably accessed with either hand; and durability.
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Array of photoluminescent lights
Pelican Products has unveiled glow-in-the-dark versions of its most popular fire and safety lights featuring photoluminescent lens rings. Special material in the lens ring maintains a charge from exposure to all sorts of ambient light, resulting in a green glow that shines like a beacon even after the light is switched off. The photoluminescent series features both incandescent and cutting-edge Recoil LED models of Pelican's classic lights.
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