How to best stabilize your patients.

Evacuation chair eases the ride
The JSA-800 Evacuation Chair from Junkin Safety Appliance Company is designed for use in confined areas. Two-inch standard automotive-style patient-restraint straps are included with each chair. Green vinyl covers are made of 18-ounce antibacterial material, which is fungus-and rot-resistant for long-lasting durability and easy cleanup.
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New splinting device
The CT-6 traction leg splint from Faretec, which has been extensively field-tested on the ground by the armed forces, is proven to be rugged and effective. The unit weighs less than one pound and can be applied by one person. Its main construction is carbon fiber/graphite, which is stiff and light. The 4:1 traction device effectively draws tension in a precise manner and achieves superior femur alignment over conventional splints.
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New charging system for cots
Ferno Washington has released the new POWERFlexx+ICS Integrated Charging System that eliminates the need for battery management for powered cots. When charged, the POWERFlexx cot can be used to lift and lower patient loads up to 700 lbs. at the push of a button without lift assistance, reducing situations that may cause back injury. The ICS integrated charging system is connected to a standard cot fastener and an ambulance's power system. When locked into the fastener, the ICS powers off the POWERFlexx power system and begins charging the POWERFlexx battery. When removed from the fastener, power is restored and the cot is ready for action.
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Splinting solutions for large patients
SAM SPLINT introduces the SOFT SHELL Splint XL, designed for athletes and other larger individuals. SAM Medical Products has modified the SAM SPLINT to 5.5" wide to provide stability for larger limbs. The SOFT SHELL splint has an aluminum alloy center covered with a thick, breathable, open-cell foam, encased in an absorbent terry cloth to prevent skin maceration. The splint also features a dual-strength splint core that provides users a choice of rigidity based on their splinting needs.
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New line of disposable backboards
FSI recently launched a complete range of patent-pending FSI Transporter fluid-resistant disposable adult and pediatric backboards in a number of configurations. The boards come packaged in boxes of five and store flat. Pull the zip tabs on the back of the boards and, in less than 30 seconds, a fully configured backboard is in place and ready to go to work. There is no glue or tape to dry out and fail over time. The specially coated structural cardboard can be left out in the rain overnight and still hold 500+ lbs. (225+ kg) of dead weight.
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Scoop EXL Stretcher
Ferno Washington's Scoop EXL Stretcher provides increased comfort and safety to patients who need spinal immobilization. The Scoop EXL eliminates the need for log-roll maneuvers, which significantly decreases movement to the cervical spine. According to a new study released in the Jan-March 2006 issue of Prehospital Emergency Care, the Ferno Scoop EXL Stretcher "was found to be as effective as, if not superior to, the standard of care, a rigid long backboard" when used for spinal immobilization. The Scoop EXL Stretcher is made of lightweight, high-impact composite materials, featuring two hinged interlocking pieces that can be used to gently scoop up a patient.
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Helmet hugger stabilizes athletic patients
Designed to stabilize patients wearing athletic and some motor sports helmets during backboarding, the Helmet Hugger from DFS, Inc., does just as the name implies. The inner radius snuggles most helmets, thus holding the helmet in place when taped to a backboard. Using the Helmet Hugger means no more head supports hanging over the edge of the backboard and you will not have to use head supports that aren't tall enough to support the helmet when the patient is rolled on their side. Made of lightweight rigid foam, the Helmet Hugger is covered with a rugged seamless protective coating.
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