Vehicle Equipment Showcase

Vehicle Equipment Showcase

Article May 31, 2005

Redesigned Light Bar

The Edge 4500 Plus Light Bar from Whelen is a totally redesigned midsize, flush-mounted light bar that is only 4 13/16" high and 5¼" deep. Redesigned rotators feature dual-level ball-bearing mechanisms and new parabolic reflectors with state-of-the-art optics. New snap-in/lock-in brackets (no screws, nuts or washers) and individual front-mounted lenses for each warning module facilitate service, and a rugged aluminum housing mounts easily to the chassis via four slide bolts. For more information, call 860/526-9504, or visit

150 OEMs Agree…

Onspot has announced that its automatic chain system is now a factory option from more than 150 OEMs, some of which include Road Rescue, Wheeled Coach, Horton and Braun ambulances, as well as most manufacturers of fire trucks and school buses. Onspot chains allow the operator to engage and disengage tire chains at the flip of a dashboard switch, without stopping, to enhance traction in snow and ice. The system fits vehicles from ¾-ton pickup trucks to Class 8 tractor trailers. For more information, call 800/766-7768, or visit

Anti-Theft Lock

Crews on calls often leave their vehicle’s engine running to drive the alternator and produce power for lights, computers and other uses, but this leaves the vehicle at risk of being stolen. Kussmaul’s all-new Model 091-160 Safety Lock 4 prevents the theft of vehicles left parked with the engine running by allowing the engine to run even with the key removed. It will also stop the engine immediately when an unauthorized person attempts operation. With four separate high-power circuits, the Safety Lock 4 can be installed on most of the newer, complex EMS vehicles. For more information, call 800/346-0857.

High Intensity, Lower Cost

Weldon’s HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting represents a new dimension in scene lighting and site illumination—a technological breakthrough combining performance and safety. The company’s HID lamps are rated at 3,000 hours of service, delivering more light while requiring less maintenance. These lamps consume 33% less power than traditional halogen lamps (35 watts, as opposed to 50). Weldon is an ISO 9001:2000-certified company. For more information, call 800/989-2718, or visit

Customer Comfort

Wheeled Coach Industries, the world’s largest ambulance manufacturer, now offers a new dedicated customer service and delivery center. Located at the company’s manufacturing facility in Hutchinson, KS, the center provides more than 8,500 square feet of air-conditioned comfort. A three-bay ambulance inspection area is provided, and other amenities include a lounge area with a big-screen TV, conference room facilities, a private guest office with fax/modem capabilities and a refreshment bar. For more information, visit

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“A Driving Force”

Firestone’s Transforce HT tire offers features to make it a driving force for light truck and commercial vehicles. UNI-T technology, along with deep shoulder slots and circumferential grooves, gives traction in wet conditions. The polyester-and-steel construction, plus a high modulus tread compound, helps resist the rigors of heavy-duty work. With a modern, all-season tread design and noise-reduction technology, the Transforce HT also provides a comfortable ride. For more information, call 800/367-3872, or visit

Hold the Oxygen

Pacific Safety Products’ O2 BOSS is an integrated system for safe and convenient oxygen cylinder transportation, deployment and storage. Its universal vehicle mount system secures oxygen cylinders and protects ambulance occupants from airborne bottles. The cot mount provides hands-free bottle transportation. Its lightweight, ergonomic design also prevents costly damage to gauges and regulators. Automatic bipod legs extend for on-scene oxygen administration. Call 800/667-5487, or visit

Seamless Child Seat

EVS Ltd. addresses the old problem of child safety in ambulances with its seamless 1850 Hi-BAC Safety Seat. By simply folding down the seat back cushion, the child seat is exposed, with its easy-to-operate five-point safety harness to secure the child. For attendants, the ergonomically correct 33" seat back helps prevent whiplash injuries. EVS’s seamless products, made with medical-grade bacteria-resistant vinyl, comply with OSHA standards for easy removal of bloodborne pathogens. For more information, call 800/364-3218 (574/233-5707 in Indiana), or visit

Sliding Door Option

Braun Industries offers its EZ Glide sliding door option with its customized emergency vehicles. Key advantages include safety and convenience: By sliding out of the way, snug up against the module, the door does not open out into traffic, create blind spots or restrict personnel from getting into or out of the module. For more information, call 800/22-BRAUN, or visit

Eyes in the Compartment

Vehicle camera systems from Intec Video Systems eliminate blind areas and improve vehicle safety. The system shown consists of a waterproof, high-resolution CVC460HXL color camera. The CVM680LCD display features internal two-camera switching and a backlight compensation circuit for a continually crisp image regardless of ambient light in the cab. The two-camera system is ideal for monitoring inside an ambulance compartment and providing a complete view behind the ambulance. Intec has been manufacturing heavy-duty safety cameras for over 25 years. Call 800/468-3254, or visit

Range of Heaters

Espar Heater Systems has the most comprehensive range of auxiliary fuel-fired independent heaters available in today’s marketplace. Espar manufactures air heaters as well as coolant heaters/engine preheaters ranging from 7,500–120,000 BTU. All Espar heaters tap directly into the vehicle’s fuel and power supply, which avoids the need for external hookups. Timers and remote key-chain starters are available, making it possible to program preheat for up to a week away, or remote-start preheat on your vehicle. For more information, visit

15 Warning-Signal Patterns

Nova Electronics, Inc. has announced the SLWIC3, its first in a series of new, innovative LED warning signals. The SLWIC3 contains 56 wide-angle, high-intensity LEDs in a novel split array arrangement. Completely self-contained, the SLWIC3 features 15 patterns and a state-of-the-art random pattern-selection mode. The SLWIC3 surface-mounts directly to the truck body with only two screws, and installs with a three-wire hookup. For more information, call 860/537-3471, or visit

Driver Score Reports

For 25 years, IRD (International Road Dynamics) has been a leader in transportation technology solutions for the global ITS (intelligent transportation systems) industry. IRD’s new iRESPONDER Information System provides ambulance fleet owners with driver score reports, including second-by- second reporting of speed, cornering, acceleration, braking and other key metrics. The system is ZOLL-CAD-compatible and includes in-vehicle audio feedback. iRESPONDER can improve users’ road safety and insurance liability ratings. For more information, call 540/955-9051, or visit

Series of Switches

Cole Hersee Co., a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty electrical and electronic products for the vehicle industry, offers the M-750, a complete series of 6-36 V battery selector and master disconnect switches. These switches are designed with options that include operation with or without a key, pilot light or alternator fields disconnect. All are built to meet exacting standards. They are vaporproof, weatherproof, corrosion-resistant and ignition-protected to USCG 183.410. The M-750 series switches can be surface-mounted or installed through a panel. For more information, call 617/268-2100, ext. 203, or visit

NHTSA's new video follows EMS data from its collection through its use to improve future care.
First Priority Global, one of the country's leading suppliers of public safety, emergency response and clean transportation solutions, announces the opening of a new facility in Flanders, NJ.
Christopher Wimmer was sentenced to jail time and probation for taking photos with 41 unconscious patients in a selfie competition he was in with another paramedic.
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Search and rescue teams from all over the world traveled to Mexico City to help find survivors trapped in the rubble since Tuesday's 7.1 magnitude earthquake.
Residents who register with the program provide important details about health conditions and even bedroom locations so rescue workers spend less time searching for victims.
As soon as a runway can be cleared for their arrival, the 27-member Task Force 1 FEMA Urban Response Team is ready to take off for search and rescue efforts in the wake of Hurricane Maria's destruction of Puerto Rico.
The Pennsylvania Department of Health and Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council today recognized first responders for their commitment and dedication to delivering quality medical-care in the field during emergency situations.
Dr. Vincent Duron from the Columbia University Medical Center in New York received a $100,000 research grant to enhance standard pediatric trauma care.
The award-winning video features a series of stunning training courses driven by groundbreaking video demonstrations of the most commonly encountered fire ground evolutions.

A  7.1-magnitude earthquake on Tuesday leveled buildings, homes, and government centers across the city. At one partially flattened school, the hunt for dozens of missing children captivated the nation.

At least nine people have died, structural damage is extensive, and flooding coupled with 155mph winds has left the entire island without power.
The Volunteer First Responder Housing Act aims to recruit and retain volunteers in the community by providing discounts on house prices to eligible citizens.