Headliners! Hot Products from EMS EXPO 2004

Headliners! Hot Products from EMS EXPO 2004

Article Feb 28, 2005

24-7 EMS Offers Blended Learning Program

24-7 EMS is a flexible and affordable blended learning program that is suited to the demands of EMS personnel. Every year, it delivers 12 comprehensive 1–3-hour classes to subscribers. The three-year curriculum is designed to meet the DOT refresher curriculum requirements. This versatile training program can be used in the classroom or for independent self study. An integrated Instructor Guide, dynamic 15–20-minute video segment, plus online study and testing provide a variety of training options. Most classes include hands-on skills training.

For more information, call 888/240-4911 and order a free sample class, or visit www.24-7ems.com.

Ambu Laryngeal Mask

Ambu is proud to introduce the Ambu Laryngeal Mask. Ambu has dramatically improved a well-known and well-tested concept for airway management. As a sterile, single-use product, the innovative Ambu mask significantly reduces the risk of cross contamination and other hazards, yet is also remarkably cost effective. Ambu has developed this product to improve what is currently available. This has been accomplished through the product having the following features: an extra soft cuff, a special curve that replicates human anatomy, a one-piece design and a reinforced tip that will not bend during insertion. The mask is disposable.

For more information, call 800/262-8462, or visit www.ambuUSA.com.

pNeuton Transport Ventilator from Airon Corporation

The pNeuton Transport Ventilator (pronounced new-ton) from Airon Corporation provides high performance CPAP and adult/pediatric volume ventilation in one rugged device. Start patient support by using Face Mask CPAP. If your patient requires more, you can move on to whatever level of respiratory support is needed, including volume ventilation. Easy to use, pure pneumatic technology makes it always ready to go and eliminates the need for batteries. A choice of 100% or 65% oxygen delivery lets you extend transport times up to twice what you might expect, especially when using CPAP. See the rugged versatility that makes pNeuton your choice in transport ventilation.

For more information, call 888/448-1238, or visit www.pneuton.com.

Biomedix Offers SELEC-3 I.V. Administration Set

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The SELEC-3 I.V. administration set from Biomedix, Inc., is a 3-in-1 system that features a multi-drop chamber and a removable extension set. Biomedix continues to improve the versatility of the SELEC-3 I.V. set with the development of the B30 series. Featuring both a luer locking Y-site and a pre-pierced Y-site, this set has evolved to meet the needs of the EMS market. The B32 product features the same Y-sites, but is equipped with a spin luer connection (to catheter), allowing a more secure fit. Another great design is the B39 product, offering the same two Y-sites, a second roller clamp and an additional pinch clamp on a lengthened extension set.

For more information, call 800/627-2765, or visit www.biomedix-inc.com.

Color Display Panels Enhance Braun’s MasterTech System

The new display panels for the Braun MasterTech multiplex electrical system provide more features, including easier-to- read color display screens. In addition to the more attractive styling, the new system includes video inputs for back-up cameras, digital photos, DVDs or any other digital device. A digital clock timer, vehicle operation data, enhanced diagnostics and additional menu screens make this a feature-rich, user-friendly multiplex system.

For more information, call 800/222-7286, or e-mail contactus@braunambulances.com.

New samaritan PAD from HeartSine Technologies

HeartSine Technologies, Inc.’s new samaritan PAD was designed for the public-access market. The samaritan PAD is simple to operate with enhanced graphical interfaces and voice instructions that guide even the most infrequent basic rescuers through the steps to deliver lifesaving defibrillation therapy. A compact round design makes the samaritan PAD light to carry and has a user-friendly design element to make a stressful situation a little easier to manage. The samaritan PAD uses a safe and effective SCOPE biphasic low energy escalating technology. The samaritan’s biphasic system delivers an 100J, 150J, 200J protocol.

For more information, visit www.heartsine.com.

Gerber Offers the RGV Jacket

The RGV from Gerber Outerwear is a waist-length, waterproof, breathable jacket that is impervious to bloodborne pathogens, NFPA 1999 and 2003 certified, common chemical resistant and accented with ArmorLITE Tuff Reflective fabric. ArmorLITE utilizes genuine 3M Scotchlite reflective yarn woven into a rugged nylon fabric that appears black during the day and reflects bright white at night. ArmorLITE will not wear off with abrasion or washing. Additional features include microphone tabs, large pockets and a removable Thinsulate/fleece thermal liner. There is a five-year factory warranty and Gerber is ISO 9001:2000 registered.

For more information, call 800/GERBER-1, or visit www.GerberOuterwear.com.

Laerdal Launches the Latest in Patient Simulation

Laerdal Medical

Corporation announces the introduction of the Resusci Anne

Simulator, a fully portable patient simulator designed specifically for educational centers training EMS, hospital and military medical personnel. This innovative, cost-effective simulator affords students the opportunity to practice their critical lifesaving skills including effective patient diagnosis and treatment. The Resusci Anne Simulator provides accurate, realistic practice in the use of common airway management devices, plus offers vital signs including realistic heart, lung and bowel sounds, pulses and blood pressures with an integrated blood pressure arm.

For more information, call 877/LMC-4EMS, or visit www.laerdal.com.

EMS Billing and Collections from HealthWare Solutions

eLYXER Billing and Collections is HealthWare Solutions’ easy-to-use, fully customizable, Windows-based EMS billing and collections program. eLYXER provides emergency service providers with complete control over their entire billing operation. eLYXER closely tracks patient billing data throughout the entire billing cycle, and with an EMS Solution 2000 Import, charges are automatically created, allowing for the billing process to begin as soon as the medic enters data in the field. By providing you with the tools to help you handle all of your credits and payments, eLYXER will help make your money management a smooth and uncomplicated process.

For more information, call 877/389-1367, or visit www.healthwaresolutions.com.

Patient Care Records Management System from Med-Media

Gone are the days of paper-based PCRs, dot scanners and unreliable data reporting. EMStat is a “Chubby Client” that provides the power of a desktop and web-based application in one. Combined with WebCUR, this system creates a robust patient care records management

system. PCRs may be completed on a mobile computer in the field or desktop at the station. EMStat and WebCUR work together to interface with CAD systems, patient monitoring devices and billing software and service vendors. The manager may create custom forms allowing for signature capture in the field.

For more information, call 717/657-8200, or e-mail sales@med-media.com.

The Smarts Behind Medtec Ambulances

At your fingertips from inside the cab or the patient compartments is the central nervous system of a Medtec Ambulance—the industry-exclusive Command Zone Advanced Electronics and

Multiplexing System. It provides up-to-the-minute diagnostic functions on the truck’s internal electronics and verifies if all systems are functioning properly. It also incorporates state-of-the-art visual displays with multiple viewpoints of the vehicle. There are optional blind-spot cameras that trigger automatically when turn signals and backups are used. Now that’s smart!

For more information, call 574/534-2631, or visit www.medtecambulance.com.

Toughbook CF-18 Notebook/Pen Tablet from Panasonic

Panasonic Computer Solutions Company has elevated the bar of both notebook and tablet computing with the introduction of two convertible Toughbook CF-18 notebook/pen tablet PC models. Utilizing Intel Centrino Mobile Technology and the Intel Pentium M processor for maximum performance with minimal battery drain, the Toughbook CF-18 features a tilting-and-swiveling 10.4" high-visibility display panel that flips and closes over the unit’s keyboard to become a fully functional, rugged Microsoft Windows XP Professional Touchscreen PC tablet, or—in the digitized-screen variant—a state-of-the-art Windows XP TabletPC.

For more information, call 800/662-3537, or visit www.panasonic.com/toughbook.

Minto Introduces the Extreme Emergency Traction Splint

Introducing the SX404 Sager Extreme Emergency Traction Splint from Minto Research & Development, Inc., the compact Sager alternative. Designed for today’s extreme rescue environments, the SX404 excels in combat military service, rugged mountain rescue and urban environments. From field to hospital, the SX404, when applied, is radiolucent to all areas of a femoral fracture. The radiolucent design enables x-rays, MRI and CAT scans to be taken without removing the splint. Compact, robust, lightweight—the SX404 is easily carried in most backpacks. Folds into a single 13.75" x 10.75" x 4.25" carry case. Treats proximal third and mid-shaft femoral fractures. Available spring 2005.

For more information, call 800/642-6468, or visit www.sagersplints.com.

RAM Software Offers Field Paperless Collections System

The AIM FPC (Field Paperless Collections) System from RAM Software Systems, Inc. is a complete “in-field” computerized reporting of trip incident information. Using AIM FPC will allow medics to collect patient information electronically, significantly reducing the time spent filling in trip sheets after the call is complete. This results in faster, more accurate data collections, which can be uploaded to their service, the hospital and/or their state organization in only moments. With improved accuracy in data collections, patient care is assessed more efficiently and the overall quality of care is dramatically improved.

For more information, 800/726-4690, or visit www.ram-software.com.

OGSI Introduces Oxygen Filling Plant System

OGSI’s CFP-15 is a “turn-key” Oxygen Cylinder Filling Plant (CFP) system. By making their own medical grade oxygen, EMS departments can save a significant amount of money up-front, as well as a huge amount of time. Generating oxygen onsite can immediately eliminate the high cost of delivered oxygen and start realizing a fast payback on this economically priced system. The cost to refill a large oxygen cylinder is now reduced to approximately $1 on average. There is no need to spend valuable time changing and returning heavy oxygen cylinders. The CFP-15 can automatically refill your oxygen cylinders for continuous availability.

For more information, call 800/414-6474, or visit www.ogsi.com.

Fire Prevention Mascot from Robotronics

Sparky the Fire Dog is the world’s best-known fire prevention mascot. A trademark NFPA icon, Sparky is the centerpiece of almost all fire prevention programs. Audiences will be delighted when the Sparky costume’s eyes wink and blink, his mouth moves and he speaks, either with preprogrammed fire safety messages or the wearer’s voice through a built-in voice amplification system. The Sparky costume is perfect for teaching fire safety to children because it can communicate with them on their level.

The name and figure of Sparky and Sparky the Fire Dog are trademarks of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). All rights reserved.

For more information, call 800/762-6876, or visit www.robotronics.com.

Simulaids’ PDA STAT Offers Scenario Training

PDA STAT by Simulaids challenges your concept of scenario training. See him breathe, take a pulse and listen to lung and heart sounds. Select a menu-driven scenario on the PDA, question the students about their actions and teach critical thinking skills. Choose a clinical lab setting for basic instruction, an office floor down the hall to demonstrate scene anomalies, or a car in the ditch to test multi-tasking prioritizing—the PDA STAT simulator defines portable. Includes: a refined advanced airway head, variable rate ECG patterns, pneumothorax reduction, B/P arm, chest tube insertion sites, 12 pulses and an IV arm to test skill levels.

For more information, call 800/431-4310, or visit www.simulaids.com.

Weldon Technologies Introduces the Vista III Display

Weldon Technologies, Inc. has introduced the newest addition to the V-Mux multiplex system, the Vista III Display. Features include virtual gauges and switches, color display, Deutsch connector, display of inside and outside temperature, and automatic climate control. V-Mux is 100% solid state with no moving parts; it is field configurable with on- and off-board diagnostics. Multiplexing your vehicle’s electrical system is the first step toward tomorrow’s integrated electronic systems leading to a safer, more productive vehicle. There are currently over 1,500 V-Mux-equipped vehicles in service today.

For more information, call 800/989-2718, or visit www.weldoninc.com.

Stryker’s MX-PRO Bariatric Transport

Stryker introduced the RUGGED MX-PRO Bariatric Transport to its line of ambulance cots in early 2003. Cot features include 1,600 lbs weight capacity, 29" width and four new specialty accessories exclusive to bariatric transport. These features, along with cot compatibility with winch/ramp equipped ambulances, current cot fastener configurations and existing entry thresholds, make it an advanced cot for bariatric transport.

For more information, call 800/RUGGED6, or visit www.ems.stryker.com.

The Wheeled Coach DuraSeam Door System

Wheeled Coach Industries recently introduced the DuraSeam Door System.

The Wheeled Coach DuraSeam

Door System is a newly designed seamless door system incorporating the door jamb into the one-piece seamless side skin, thus eliminating the jamb extrusion. This new durable design

provides a smooth outside appearance and will give customers years of reliable service. The DuraSeam Door System is virtually maintenance-free. Wheeled Coach customers are demanding more of their units every day, and the Wheeled Coach DuraSeam Door System delivers with outstanding performance.

For more information, call 800/422-8206, or visit www.wheeledcoach.com.

Venoscope II Transilluminator Assists Paramedics and EMTs

The Venoscope II Transilluminator, model VT03, is a small, handheld, battery-operated device that uses high-intensity LED lights with different wavelengths. The light is focused into the subcutaneous tissue and the veins appear as dark lines within the illuminated tissue. Superficial veins appear as sharp lines and deeper veins appear as faint shadows. Verify the patency by applying downward pressure and watching the vein collapse and refill. Use in dimly lighted areas. Paramedics and EMTs have found it to be a valuable tool for those difficult situations they frequently encounter. Venoscope has been perfecting this technology for over 10 years and continues to provide paramedics and EMTs with equipment that will assist them in the field.

For more information, call 800/284-7655, or visit www.venoscope.com.

ZOLL Data Systems Introduces RescueNet TabletPCR

Introducing RescueNet TabletPCR….Beauty and Brains—All in One Easy-to-Use Field Data Solution.

RescueNet TabletPCR is a field data solution that combines proven, reliable technology with the most advanced user interface available. RescueNet TabletPCR’s exciting new user interface brings the latest ideas and technology in usability to the electronic field data experience. All EMS agencies can use TabletPCR to eliminate inefficient paper processes, increase manpower efficiency, meet HIPAA requirements and improve personnel efficacy. TabletPCR is a key component of the integrated, single-database EMS RescueNet suite.

For more information, call 800/474-4489, or visit www.zolldata.com.

Leaders want to provide first responders with guidelines to follow when handling calls relating to human trafficking.
The study will assess Florida's Division of Emergency Management's response to Hurricane Irma and determine the lessons learned.
The state funding will provide 120,000 doses for first responders, including Pittsburgh park rangers.
The budget cut allowed the department to cross-staff, using firefighters to staff ambulances due to medical calls outnumbering fire calls.
Starting next year, the insurer will reimburse treatment that doesn’t require the emergency department.
One of the two Northern California wildfires have been fully contained due to cooler temperatures and light rain.
Kenneth Scheppke challenged longstanding traditions in patient care that have not withstood current scrutiny.

EMTs and other first responders who treated the wounded on scene of the Vegas shooting could be at risk for post-traumatic stress.

All EMS, fire, and law enforcement agencies in the county will participate in the drill along with 100 volunteers portraying victims of the shooting.
As the state begins facing the effects of the opioid crisis, medical professionals, law enforcement and prosecutors join the national discussion on possible solutions to the epidemic.
Only one of three in the country, the "rapid extrication team" assists in rescuing injured firefighters while local crews battle the forest fires.
The paramedic-staffed chase car would respond to ALS calls in a timelier manner and help alleviate several local fire departments' calls.
Las Vegas and Orlando massacres set a solemn tone for the normally festive event.
In a project to raise grant funding that began a year ago, the Richmond Ambulance Authority and VCU Health teamed up to provide 35 of Richmond’s Public Schools with Bleeding Control (BCON) equipment. 
Mercy Health's new two-story, 29,000 square foot center features a Level 1 trauma center, an expanded surgical area, and more comfortable patient and visitor access.