Data Collection/ Documentation Showcase

Just the Facts…

There are several ways in which the data produced on your job and collected by your agency are important. One, the facts of your patient’s presentation and the prehospital care you provide help guide further medical interventions once you get them to the hospital. Two, thorough documentation from a call can help protect you should you ever end up defending your actions in court. Three, data guides research that helps test, analyze and improve the care EMS delivers. For these reasons and more, complete, accurate documentation and data collection are important. And the good news is that today, it’s easier than ever, thanks in large measure to products like those featured in this month’s Data Collection/Documentation Showcase. If you’re concerned with getting all the facts and getting them right—and you should be—check out the following.

Field Data Solution

ZOLL Data Systems has introduced the RescueNet TabletPCR, an easy-to-use all-in-one field data solution. RescueNet TabletPCR combines proven reliable technology with the most advanced user interface available. Its user interface brings the latest ideas and technology in usability to the electronic field data experience. For more information, call 800/474-4489, or visit

NEMSIS-Compliant Data Collection

The National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) is working toward developing a national standardized EMS database. With 45 states agreeing to conform to this data set in the future, this database will be valuable in developing nationwide training curricula, fee schedules, resource allocation, etc. HealthWare Solutions’ EMS Solution 2000 field data software now includes all of the fields required for NEMSIS compliance. For more information, call 877/389-1367, or visit

Document Imaging

Digitech’s SecureDocs is a document-imaging service for EMS providers to store, view and associate documentation to trips using Digitech’s Ambulance Commander billing system. SecureDocs replaces paper-based filing systems with electronic images of documents such as ACRs by electronically linking them to the appropriate trip record. Users simply fax documentation to Digitech’s billing system; reports can then be easily retrieved for viewing or printing. SecureDocs leaves a complete audit trail and ensures minimal loss of documents. Call 914/741-1919, ext. 238, or visit

Note-Taking Capacity

The SAM OnScene Patient Assessment Guide for EMS Personnel can serve as a reusable note-taking system for emergency calls. Its pages are laminated for use with a regular Sharpie marker, and the ink stays until wiped off with an isopropyl alcohol swab or dampened cloth. The book includes 24 of the most common emergency calls, a page with patient-refusal guidelines and a blank page for notes. Questions are specific to each call, but include common medical histories and vital-sign tables. Call 800/818-4726, or e-mail

Electronic Reporting

Medtronic introduces the LIFENET EMS electronic patient-care reporting system. LIFENET’s rugged, wireless touch-screen computer and powerful software are designed for the emergency medical team in the field, as well as clinical and operational staffs. The system improves accuracy in data collection and enhances patient care by allowing analysis of overall system performance with powerful data-analysis tools. Call 800/442-1142, or visit

Paperless PCRs

Med-Media’s EMStat 4 utilizes innovative technology that enables the EMS provider to complete a PCR offline to maximize productivity during downtime. EMStat has an intuitive flow, requiring minimal training. Data validation is done at the time of PCR completion. Electronic signature capture, patient monitoring data and e-forms allow for a truly paperless system. For more information, call 717/657-8200, or visit

Distance Learning Program

The Missing Protocol—A Legally Defensible Report distance learning educational program is now available online. EMS students can experience the nationally recognized, industry-acclaimed educational program through distance learning, at their own pace in an easy-to-use online format. Like the textbook and live interactive presentation of the same name, this program provides the template for a legally defensible prehospital report and promotes provider competence and proficiency in report-writing skills and standards. For more information, call 301/972-7887, or visit