July 2004 Hot Shots

July 2004 Hot Shots

Article Jun 30, 2004

Protective Oxygen Design

Few weapons in the EMS provider’s arsenal are more important than oxygen. Victims who need it need it fast, and you’d better have it available and functional. For enhanced portability of this vital tool, Flotec has created Flopac, an all-in-one lightweight delivery system that incorporates several design and safety features not found elsewhere. Utilizing exclusive InGage regulator technology, with its internal-contents pressure gauge designed entirely within the regulator’s body and surrounded by a halo-style handle assembly, Flopac is fully protected against the environmental hazards normally associated with regulator failure and breakage in the field. It is available with optional twin 50-psi DISS-1240 check-valve outlets and in more than 24 flow ranges, including high-flow. For more information, call 800/401-1723.

Access at Any Angle

Vehicles involved in accidents rarely emerge with all their original lines and angles intact. When you have to cut into such a vehicle, it often requires awkward positioning. Amkus Rescue Systems’ AMK-21 Cutter has a 360º rotating handle to facilitate such tasks. It features eight locking positions for the handle, allowing the user to set it up for natural hand placement at any angle of attack. Departments can specify the position of the control valve—either parallel or perpendicular to the cutting blades—at the time of ordering. The AMK-21 delivers cutting power sufficient for any automotive application in a package that remains compact. For more information, call 630/515-1800, or visit www.amkus.com.

ISO Seal of Approval

Wheeled Coach Industries has announced its designation as an ISO 9001:2000-certified manufacturer. The designation, from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), signifies that the company has implemented an extensive quality-control system of standards and managerial oversight for its process of manufacturing custom ambulances. The ISO designation is recognized globally in the manufacturing industry. Wheeled Coach is the world’s largest manufacturer of ambulances (including medical attack vehicles, rescue vehicles and fire emergency vehicles). For more information, call 620/663-5551, or visit www.wheeledcoach.com.

Product Series Enhancements

American LaFrance has announced a trio of enhancements to its fire apparatus, pumper and aerial product lines. The new L3 Series fire body design features both formed and extruded materials in its construction. The aluminum body features extrusions of 3/8" material, while the formed sections feature 3/16" material. The thicker high-strength aluminum is 150% stronger and provides 230% more resistance to bending than the 1/8" aluminum thickness found on some bodies. The company’s Eagle cab family now comes with an 81" interior headroom option, which will allow more room for crew movement and customer preferences for variations in the command cab. Also, the integrated chassis-body aerial design found in some of the company’s aerial designs has now been expanded to all of them. This provides increased capacity and functionality. For more information, call 503/745-5471, or visit www.freightliner.com.

Radio Transparency Meets Strength

Translucence and rigidity don’t have to be mutually exclusive in backboards. Allied Healthcare Products joins the characteristics in its XTRA Backboard, part of its Life Support Products line of spinal immobilization products. The XTRA (for X-ray Translucent, Rigid, Affordable) combines x-ray translucence with the board rigidity needed to prevent further injury to a patient. Its smooth surface allows easy cleaning and disinfecting, while its construction prevents liquids from intruding into the board. The XTRA will float an adult and has been tested to loads in excess of 1,000 lbs. without breaking. At 71" x 15.75" x 1.85" and weighing just 15.25 lbs., it fits into standard storage areas and is easily carried. Available in four colors, with or without pins, the XTRA can be ordered with custom graphics in up to three colors and personalized with a department logo. For more information, call 800/444-3954, ext. 608, or visit www.alliedhpi.com.

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Wireless Security

NetMotion Wireless Inc., a leader in mobility management software, has announced the availability of its Mobility XE. NetMotion’s mobility management software meets the government’s highest security requirements while enabling applications to securely and reliably survive network handoffs, roaming transitions and out-of-coverage conditions. The new release features server pooling, load balancing, automated fail-over and a Mobility Management Console that enables Web-based access to full functionality. Though upgraded to accommodate demanding uses, the Mobility XE’s platform retains such key features as ease of installation, with no change required to existing applications or networks. The version continues to provide persistent access to mission-critical legacy applications, working reliably over wireless networks. For more information, call 206/691-5555, or visit www.netmotionwireless.com.

NHTSA's new video follows EMS data from its collection through its use to improve future care.
First Priority Global, one of the country's leading suppliers of public safety, emergency response and clean transportation solutions, announces the opening of a new facility in Flanders, NJ.
Christopher Wimmer was sentenced to jail time and probation for taking photos with 41 unconscious patients in a selfie competition he was in with another paramedic.
Students say the mock DUI accident was a very realistic learning experience, especially when firefighters, EMTs and police arrived at the scene.
The Columbia County EMS provider oversees emergency efforts from Lake City EOC during the latest storm.
EMTs, firefighters and police officers dealt with a car accident causing the release of sulfur dioxide and an active shooter in a hospital.
Search and rescue teams from all over the world traveled to Mexico City to help find survivors trapped in the rubble since Tuesday's 7.1 magnitude earthquake.
Residents who register with the program provide important details about health conditions and even bedroom locations so rescue workers spend less time searching for victims.
As soon as a runway can be cleared for their arrival, the 27-member Task Force 1 FEMA Urban Response Team is ready to take off for search and rescue efforts in the wake of Hurricane Maria's destruction of Puerto Rico.
The Pennsylvania Department of Health and Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council today recognized first responders for their commitment and dedication to delivering quality medical-care in the field during emergency situations.
Dr. Vincent Duron from the Columbia University Medical Center in New York received a $100,000 research grant to enhance standard pediatric trauma care.
The award-winning video features a series of stunning training courses driven by groundbreaking video demonstrations of the most commonly encountered fire ground evolutions.

A  7.1-magnitude earthquake on Tuesday leveled buildings, homes, and government centers across the city. At one partially flattened school, the hunt for dozens of missing children captivated the nation.

At least nine people have died, structural damage is extensive, and flooding coupled with 155mph winds has left the entire island without power.
The Volunteer First Responder Housing Act aims to recruit and retain volunteers in the community by providing discounts on house prices to eligible citizens.