15th Annual Product Parade: Vehicles

Aerodynamic Engineering

The distinctive design of the all-new 2004 Mirage Light presents aerodynamic engineering in an elegant package that is uniquely and unmistakably Demers Ambulances. The vehicle is equipped with a raised roof exclusively made of light composite material that lowers the center of gravity and improves road handling. The Mirage Light offers up to 1,900 lbs. of payload capacity and the largest emergency light surface available on the market. For more information, call 800/363-7591, or visit www.demersambulances.com.

Wheelchair & Passenger Vans

National Van has built its reputation as a leading full-service manufacturer of wheelchair vans, passenger vans and specialty vehicles by providing the highest quality product and service at the lowest possible price. All National products are custom-designed to customers' specifications, including seat locations, lift locations, raised roofs, raised doors and interior layouts. National Van is a member of the Ford motor pool and a Certified Active Participant in the Ford Truck Quality Program. Call 800/527-7477, or visit www.nationalvans.com.

"Ultramedic" Ambulance

Road Rescue introduces the "Ultramedic" ambulance on a Chevrolet C4500 chassis. In keeping with our reputation as an industry leader and innovator, we have built several ambulances on this new GM chassis. Equipped with a 300HP engine and a great interior design, it is the first real advancement in getting a heavier GVWR, yet retaining creature comforts in the cab. We will display this vehicle at the FDIC show in the spring; plan to stop and visit. For more information, call 843/676-2900, or visit www.roadrescue.com.

Type III CitiMedic

Wheeled Coach introduces the all-new narrow dual rear wheel, Type III CitiMedic, providing a 2,100-lb. payload, increased maneuverability and an interior designed to optimize patient care. CitiMedic features a printed circuit board with LED self-diagnostics, corner cap lights, patented P.A.F. air purification and AVW grille assembly. Call 800/932-7077, or visit www.wheeledcoach.com.