Farewell Friend


Farewell Friend

By Nancy Perry Sep 30, 2011

For the first time in 28 years, EMS World Magazine is missing a familiar name from its masthead. Associate Editor Marie Nordberg has finally decided to retire--despite our protests--after serving nearly three decades on the editorial staff.

   Marie started working for EMS World Magazine as an editorial assistant in 1983, after moving from Minneapolis to Los Angeles with her new husband. "They told me I was hired because I was from Minnesota," she recalls, "and that midwestern folks were stable and would stick around for a while." Marie certainly lived up to the reputation, making her way through the ranks to become an associate editor for the magazine and conference coordinator for EMS World Expo. She also went through EMT-Basic training in her spare time to enhance her knowledge of the profession.

   As to what she will miss the most: "The people," she says. "All the folks I've interviewed for articles over the years and especially the speakers I have worked with at EMS World Expo."

   Marie has written on many major events over the past 28 years including the Killeen shootings, Columbine shootings and Hurricane Andrew. As to which story made the strongest impression, the Oklahoma City bombing was particulary difficult to write about. "Speaking to the paramedics and chaplin who were involved in that response was very upsetting," she says.

   As to what's next on the horizon, genealogy, grandchildren and maybe some writing, she says.

   Having worked with Marie for the past 16 years, I can't bring myself to say goodbye. Instead I say thank you for being the best colleague and friend a person could ever wish to have.

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