Battery Power

When asked about the importance of ensuring that defibrillators are adequately charged and ready to perform at a moment's notice, Yehuda Mendelbaum, coordinator and EMT for Hatzolah in Brooklyn, NY, says, "It's self explanatory. We're talking about people's lives. It's important to have the best equipment available."

Mendelbaum now relies on TMS Medical Technologies' HIGHPAK 4.8Ah lithium batteries for all of the LIFEPAK 12 defibrillators carried on the eight ambulances that run in his region.

He was first introduced to the HIGHPAK batteries at an industry trade show about four years ago.

"Other batteries we were using weren't holding a charge," he recalls. "In the four years we've had these HIGHPAK batteries, we haven't had to replace them. With the previous batteries, we would have had to replace them at least every year."

TMS Medical Technologies lithium batteries do not have a memory effect and do not need to be conditioned. The maintenance-free batteries are rated to last 1,500 charge discharge cycles. Two batteries have a rated run time of 10 hours with monitoring. They also have a long shelf life--only losing 10% to 20% of their charge per year on the shelf--which means you only need to charge the batteries after use.

"These batteries are incredible," Mendelbaum notes. "In my 40 years of EMS service, this is one of the best products introduced. And, the company is a pleasure to do business with."

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