Managing Your Inventory

BELL Ambulance is a progressive, client-oriented company devoted to providing high quality emergency and non-emergency medical services to the Milwaukee, WI, area. It offers a variety of services to those in need, including basic and advanced life support, response and transport, ground transport to air services and special event EMS coverage throughout the city. The company has grown to be the largest provider of ambulance services in Wisconsin, responding to nearly 60,000 ambulance calls in 2009 alone.

BELL Ambulance prides itself on providing the best quality emergency materials for when the most crucial emergencies arise. The company must ensure that all of its ambulances are well stocked and prepared for any emergency situation with medical supplies ranging from blood pressure cuffs, defibrillation machines and stethoscopes to bandages, gauze, medical tape and antibiotic ointments. If even just one of these required medical supplies is not stocked in an ambulance, it can be life threatening.

The Problem

In the past, BELL Ambulance tracked supply orders manually using paper and pencil; however, this system often led to issues with accountability and reporting. Supply Coordinator Doug Pagel decided it was necessary to deploy an internal software program to manage inventory. He was also looking for a device that would simplify the tracking and transfer of materials from supply rooms to the company's fleet of 40 ambulances.

Pagel knew that BELL Ambulance needed inventory management software that could operate on a rugged mobile computing device to track and maintain inventory in the facility. The requirements for the device were clear. It must:


  • Be easy to use
  • Be mobile
  • Contain real time bar code scanning
  • Run on Windows CE and use Outlook
  • Integrate with software
  • Sustain battery life through the entire work day
  • Withstand all types of environments


The Solution

In January 2010, BELL Ambulance implemented AmbuTRAK, an inventory management software designed specifically for the demands of the EMS industry, running on a Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro device to help track, scan and maintain a full supply of important medical equipment. The Workabout Pro incorporates all of the attributes BELL Ambulance requires including ease of use, mobility, convenience, bar code functionality, and integration with AmbuTRAK software.

Since implementing the Workabout Pro tracking an inventory management is now more efficient and BELL Ambulance has cut its ordering and processing time by 10 percent. BELL Ambulance staff has also been able to take on more daily tasks such as additional administrative tasks which would normally not fit into the day's work.

"Our customers rely on us to provide the appropriate medical equipment in any emergency situation, so it is imperative that we are using the most advanced technology to maintain the flow of supplies and keep our ambulances well stocked," said Pagel. "The Workabout Pro is a compliment to the AmbuTRAK software, allowing me to track materials in or outside our warehouse."

To learn more about AmbuTRAK and BELL Ambulance's use of the Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro or how to leverage this device for your company, visit