Informed's Smartphone Field Guides Keep Latest Information at Fingertips

A field guide should be a lot of things: portable, packed with relevant information and easy to use.

A field guide should be a lot of things: portable, packed with relevant information and easy to use. Informed Publishing’s EMS Advanced Life Support (ALS) interactive application is all of that and much more.

Of particular note, says Rick Russotti, RN, EMTP and a retired battalion chief from Greece, NY, who currently serves as a paramedic educator with Monroe Ambulance/Transportation in Rochester, NY, and is the author and host of Mitigation Journal, a blog which offers “unique perspectives on civil preparedness and emergency response,” are the top notch graphics on the app. “I spent a good bit of time evaluating this product for its graphic capabilities and I found that other products just really didn’t show you what they needed to show you. I didn’t find that to be the case with Informed. You tap on the graphic, it enlarges and shows you what you need, and it also gives you easy navigation to and from different topics. It’s really easy during critical situations for me to pick out the information that I need.”

Russotti also notes that the price–between $6-$8, depending on the platform, with free updates–is a bargain for the information available at his fingertips. Having used Informed’s hard-copy field guides since the late 1980s, when he purchased an iPod Touch a few years ago he discovered Informed’s apps. “For a while I carried both products, the paper copy and the app on my iPod, but gradually the paper copy didn’t get used and went by the wayside. One of the biggest features I like about the app is the automatic self-updating, so (I don’t have to) wait for next year’s edition to come out to catch up on medicine or protocol changes.”

The EMS ALS app provides fast, easy access to vital assessment information, medications and drug doses; quick interpretation of 12-Lead EKGs; and the latest CPR and ACLS algorithms from the American Heart Association (AHA). The app is available on the iPhone and Droid platforms.