Redpoint Helps Reduce IV Failures During Transport

Keith Hughes is a specialist in safely transporting patients.

Over the past 10 years, Hughes has worked in 9-1-1 trauma and patient transportation roles with private emergency services firms in Washington, Arizona and Texas.

He knows first-hand the importance of the “Golden Hour” of care following a medical event and the “Platinum Ten” where first responders must move quickly in unpredictable environments.

He also knows the frustrations surrounding that care. At the top of his list is the accidental unseating of IVs, costing valuable time to reseat them.

“I could give you 200 instances where an IV line was ripped out, rolled over, snagged on an ambulance door or IV pole, stepped on, or otherwise dislodged. It just happens during transport even when people are being careful.”

So when he saw a sample of a new Stedline IV Sleeve from Redpoint International, Inc., he immediately took note.

The Stedline IV Sleeve is a primary tubing IV stabilization device made of a soft, disposable material that is specially engineered to reduce the risk of failures due to movement. Using no tapes or adhesives, the sleeve itself absorbs yanks and tugs that cause IV catheters to fail. “It works really well,” says Hughes. “The IV line will stretch or rip before the line is pulled out of the patient’s arm. I’d much rather fix a line tear than reseat an IV catheter.

“As soon as I experienced it in the field, I purchased a box and have continued to order them,” Hughes continues. “I expect to have them with me wherever I work. The last thing you can afford is the time to reseat IVs, especially if you’re the first on the scene and have multiple patients.”