Navigate Tight Spaces Quickly with Graham Medical's Alternative Transport Chair

EMTs and paramedics responding to a scene can often be assured of one thing: The patient will be located someplace that’s inconvenient for transport to the ambulance, be it up or down stairs, in a tight space, amidst obstacles or sometimes all of the above.

Enter the MegaMover® Transport Chair from Graham Medical. Steve McAdoo, firefighter/paramedic and public information officer for Clackamas Fire District #1 in Oregon, says the MegaMover, “speeds up response time. No running back to the vehicle for a stretcher or stair chair. It’s right there in our kit.”

The MegaMover isn’t meant to replace existing patient-transport methods. Instead, it’s a portable alternative option. The patient’s weight is distributed across eight nylon-reinforced handles, allowing up to four people to share the load. The disposable chair, made of a nonwoven, latex-free material with a sanitary fluid barrier, weighs only 10 ounces, rolls to the size of a water bottle and can transport up 350 pounds. It’s ideal for carrying patients in areas of limited space, narrow hallways or down stairs.

“It fits in anybody’s kit–on an ambulance, on a fire engine, we’re able to get it and always have it with us,” says McAdoo. “In dealing with a regular stair chair, that’s not typically something we bring into a scene with us. That’s something we figure out we need and then somebody has to go back out and get it, unbuckle it–it’s time consuming. The MegaMover transport chair is already with us. As soon as we discover that’s what we need, it’s (as simple as) reaching into a bag, grabbing it and doing it. It’s much quicker (and) saves us a lot of time on scenes.”