Magnum Cobra Boots Review

How important is your footwear when you’re running calls? If you’re like most EMS providers, the answer is very. Keeping your feet warm, dry and protected is essential, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Magnum USA in Modesto, Calif., has released the Cobra 8.0 tactical boot for use by emergency providers.

Like many other “duty boots” today, the Cobra comes with laces and a side zipper for easy on/off. The Cobra also has a Velcro closure to keep the zipper in place. The Cobra boot is also Advertised as waterproof, the Cobra uses ion-mask™ technology designed to repel dirt and debris.

For the purpose of this review, the boots were subjected to heat, cold, water and were worn over several hours for comfort. The boots tested did not contain safety shells and were not tested for protection of the toes.

The Cobra boot did an adequate job of protecting feet from extreme heat (worn in 90 degrees-plus heat for several hours) due to moisture wicking materials inside the boot, and cold (35 minutes in 32 degree environment), and kept feet relatively warm.

To test waterproofing, the boots were worn through puddles to the top of the instep of the boot, and were able to repel water without a problem. When submerged into 6-8 inches of water, or just above the ankle, the boots instantly filled with water.

The boots were quite comfortable when worn over several hours performing regular activities (walking, climbing stairs, etc.).

The boots are available for $120 (plus shipping and handling) on the Magnum website, in sizes from 7 to 15.

The Cobra boots were adequate in keeping feet at a comfortable temperature in extreme conditions, and use over several hours. While the Cobra boots were not entirely waterproof, using a silicone based water repellant could be effective.

For more information on the Magnum Cobra Boot, visit the Magnum USA online store at

Timothy J. Perkins, BS, EMT-P, is the EMS systems planner for the Virginia Department of Health's Office of EMS, host of EMS World's EMS Squadcast podcast and a member of the EMS World editorial advisory board.