StatBand Patient Tracking Solution

For disaster preparedness and response groups, finding a fast, easy, and simple-to-use emergency patient tracking system can be a challenge

For disaster preparedness and response groups like the Belgium Red Cross, finding a fast, easy, and simple-to-use emergency patient tracking system can be a challenge; however, by capitalizing on the latest technologies and products available, emergency preparedness and response professionals can maximize positive outcomes in the event of an emergency or planned drill.

The Belgium Red Cross was able to do just that during a drill they conducted at Ostend Airport. After a long search, they selected StatBand Rapid ID and StatBand Triage Tags to manage patient tracking. According to Belgium Red Cross Intervention Manager Hugo Geuvens, responders were not told ahead of time about the new method of registration using the wristbands.“Users were not familiar with StatBand wristbands; however, all the users automatically adapted to the easy-to-use solution,” he says.

Geuvens explained how the Belgium Red Cross used StatBand wristbands for patient tracking during the drill. “The smaller evacuation/Rapid ID wristbands have peel-off labels that were used to ‘track’ the movements of people in a fast and easy way, even without any IT tools available. This was an important requirement for our Red Cross unit. Using IT in emergency cases is nice, but should not hinder a fast rollout and usage. A label was collected from the StatBand wristbands and simply stuck to a piece of paper at an entry or exit point. The barcodes were later used for fast electronic recollection of information. We also wrote down the identity of victims or civilians and placed a label on a paper registration document to uniquely ID that document. This linked the person and document together so that we could instantly track all ‘patients.’ StatBand wristbands were fast, easy, and simple to use, and we are quite happy with our decision to use them.”