TERT Training Takes All-Hazards Approach to Multi Disciplinary Training

The Technical Emergency Response Training (TERT) course is considered one of the most unique courses offered at the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) in Anniston, AL.

TERT allows responders to train using actual nerve agents in a safe, controlled environment inside the Chemical, Ordnance, Biological, and Radiological (COBRA) Training Facility.

The COBRA is the only place in the nation where civilian emergency responders can train in an actual nerve agent environment. The TERT course enables responders to effectively prevent, respond to, and recover from incidents involving chemical weapons and other hazardous materials. TERT will soon be one of two courses piloting nonpathogenic biological materials during course instruction at the CDP. These new materials, Bacillus anthracis delta Sterne and Ricin A-chain, are expected to be used during live agent training starting in mid February.

To learn more about the Center for Domestic Preparedness, visit http://cdp.dhs.gov or call 866/213-9553.