Customizable and Reliable Billing Services


Customizable and Reliable Billing Services

Article Jul 10, 2012

After utilizing Digitech’s Ambulance Commander for in-house billing for 9 years, Randy Breton says that Physicians Transport Service in Herndon, VA, was having a difficult time maintaining quality billing staff and establishing a good return. It was time for a change, and Digitech’s billing services proved to be the solution the COO was looking for.

The cost savings have been substantial, reducing the billing staff from 14 people to four who transport records and handle electronic patient care reporting. The biggest risk, Breton explains, was loss of control over billing and the ability to intervene if the group’s cash flow would drop. The decision to move billing out-of-house took over a year.

“Having Digitech do our billing is much more than the simple billing process off our shoulders,” he says. “It has increased our productivity and in comparing the same number/types of trips and payer mix we have found an increased income of greater than 7% over the first year.”

He explains that Ambulance Commander integrates the service’s electronic patient reporting with billing and dispatch, so information such as demographics, medical history, etc., is pushed to ambulances quickly. Physicians Transport Service has shortened the time from dispatch to billing by 75% since utilizing Digitech's services, Breton explains.

Digitech’s technology allows patient information gathered in the field or hospital to be cross-referenced against national databases as well, to identify potential insurance coverage that may have normally been missed.

The company explains that customers can use report writers to create custom reports whenever they desire, to view and analyze data. Breton appreciates Digitech’s listening skills. “They develop new features all the time to make our work easier,” he says. “We have more than 10 years with Digitech and have not found any reason to even look at another system.”


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