Comfortable, Functional Furniture for EMS Providers

Working in EMS is hard—on your body and your mind. Between calls, when you have a few moments to relax and recuperate, you want to be comfortable. With furniture built to withstand the rigors of the station, Fire Station Outfitters ensures your tired body has a nice place to settle after a hard shift.

Fire Station Outfitters’ recliners are quality built specifically for the firefighting and EMT professional. And with a wider base, a heavy-duty Leggett & Platt mechanism and a heavier frame, they’re built to last. Mark Norris, fire chief with the Valparaiso (FL) Volunteer Fire Department, is a believer—he’s purchased six Sentinel recliners for his station’s day room.

“This other station we know bought some recliners for $250 each and they are just moaning,” Norris says, “whereas ours are just as nice as can be. The advertisement said ‘furniture made for firefighters and EMS professionals,’ so I figured they would know our sizing and the way we use recliners. They’ve proved to be everything Fire Station Outfitters said they were.”

Norris says it was a bit of a stretch to purchase recliners in the Sentinel’s price range—$659 each—but he firmly believes the Sentinels will more than pay for themselves the long run. “We’re not going to have to fix or replace them. Instead of being cheap I went with better quality furniture that I believe will outlast some of our guys.”

And Norris says the quality of the Sentinel recliner isn’t lost on anybody. He recently hosted the South Okaloosa County fire chiefs’ meeting and told the other chiefs to check out his station’s new day room. All everybody asked about were the chairs.

“Somebody from California even sent me an e-mail and I recommended the Sentinel without hesitation,” Norris adds. “The quality really is surprising—they’re larger than your average recliner, they’re firmer than your average recliner and they feel like a quality piece of machinery.”