Ambulance Lift Makes Moving Bariatric Patients a Breeze

Ask an EMS provider about the patients they see and one thing they can all agree on is patients aren’t getting any smaller. Lifting patients weighing a few hundred pounds—or more—creates a significant injury risk for provider and patient. Having equipment to take the strain of moving bariatric patients off your back has never been more important.

Ambulance lifts from Mac’s Lift Gate are designed and engineered for everyday EMT use. They’re easy to operate and install, and virtually maintenance free. Built to meet and exceed most lifting expectations, the Mac’s Bariatric Ambulance Lift can add up to 1,300 pounds of lifting support.

“We began using the Mac’s Bariatric Lifts about a year ago and they have a great design,” says Bob Lecrone, fleet manager for Priority One Medical Transport in California.

“We were allowed to go in and tell Mac’s how we wanted a few things custom built to our needs,” Lecrone says. “They were very accommodating. When you’re building a piece of equipment like that, you want to be able to do your own modifications and that was one thing we were able to agree on. It’s a great lift and we’re probably going to build at least two more.”

Lecrone recommends adding an airbag leveling system to the vehicle to handle the extra weight from the lift, but that’s where Mac’s customer service comes into play as they’re happy to work with an agency to meet its specific needs.

“Our providers just love it,” Lecrone says. “You do have to do some brief training so they understand how to use it properly but once they know they all love it. And it’s very easy to use. It only goes in one way and out one way, so there’s no way to screw it up.”