A High-Quality, Low-Cost Head Immobilizer for Every Situation

Having equipment you know will work in any situation is important in EMS. After all, no two calls are the same. When that equipment also saves you money, now you’ve really hit a home run.

For Med Care EMS, based out of McAllen, TX, the iTec Multi-Grip Head Immobilizer is the perfect fit. Med Care has used the device for at least 10 years and has all three sizes on each of its ambulances.

“We looked at several different devices, and when it came down to utilization of the devices and cost, we found it was just as quick to use the Multi-Grip as any of the other devices and the cost was significantly less,” says Mack Gilbert, paramedic and director of operations for Med Care.

Designed by a firefighter, the Multi-Grip Head Immobilizer is a complete disposable head immobilization system that’s compatible with all cervical collars and backboards. It holds the head across the forehead and below the chin with easy-peel tape straps that secure to a pair of foam cylinders to hold the head in place. It comes in adult, child and infant sizes, the latter of which fits in a car seat.

Additionally, the Multi-Grip is radiolucent, buoyant for water rescues and can be used with motorcycle or football helmets in place.

“I like the stability we have with it,” says Gilbert. “Some other immobilizers seem flimsy; once the Multi-Grip is secured it seems to be a much sturdier device. For purposes of immobilization, the Multi-Grip works better than the other devices we’ve used. And one of good things about the Multi-Grip is it is single use. We don’t have to worry about picking anything up or leaving it behind at a scene, or coming into a situation where we don’t have something that fits, because it can be tailored to whatever our needs are at the moment.

“When you’re running a business in today’s healthcare field cost becomes a factor,” Gilbert says, “but you never want to do anything that’s going to jeopardize patient safety or care. The Multi-Grip solves that by exceeding other devices at a lower cost.”

iTec also offers a program by which interested services can trial the Multi-Grip for free.

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