Making Extrication Easy

The Large Transfer Sheet is specifically designed for patient transfer and movement from one surface to another

EMS providers know patients don’t become ill wherever’s most suitable for proper care. Patients also don’t fall down in convenient spots, which is why having tools that allow providers to operate in the most inconvenient circumstances is critical.

The Large Transfer Sheet from Badger Transfer Solutions is specifically designed for patient transfer and movement from one surface to another. The size of a standard hospital bed, the Large Transfer Sheet is thoughtfully designed without pressure points or abrasive surface areas, forming a cocoon around the patient and creating a sense of security for patient and provider.

Sue Kanack, EMT-B and president of Brazeau Ambulance, Pound, WI, says she originally saw the Large Transfer Sheet in January at the Wisconsin EMS Association’s annual conference and was impressed. “Being that many of our members are over 50 years old, I knew this would be a big plus for our service,” she says. “Brazeau Ambulance operates in a rural area and our population doubles every summer with people who own summer cottages and trailer houses.”

Brazeau Ambulance has used the Large Transfer Sheet for about five to six months with great success, Kanack says. “Many of our patients are elderly, and it’s difficult to get them out of the house/trailer house. We had a patient who was on the bedroom floor and difficult to move in such a small area. The transfer sheet worked well to carry her out to the living room, where we could put her on the cot.”

In addition to moving patients from tight spaces, the Large Transfer Sheet is also designed to be left on a bed beneath the sheets and used when turning a patient or lifting them from the bed. The sheet can also travel with the patient, from point of rescue to the hospital and through imaging equipment. Made in the USA, the sheet is lightweight, pliable, durable and rated up to 4,000 pounds without failure.

Kanack adds the Large Transfer Sheet gives providers the confidence to move patients without worrying about potential back injuries.