Maximizing Team Performance

Key actions will help you maximize performance both operationally and administratively

This method helped me make the best decisions by incorporating the suggestions from all the subject matter experts, minimizing role confusion and allowing our team to work simultaneously to accomplish the necessary tasks to fulfill the objective. It creates an efficient and effective operation and maximizes success.

These concepts work operationally and administratively: Draft the best personnel and place them into the best positions; clearly articulate and define roles, expectations and lines of authority; use your team’s expertise to develop the best possible plan; and then be the decisive leader and put the plan into action. With these simple concepts, your nightmares of inefficiency can remain fantasy and your real life full of success.

Troy M. Hagen, MBA, EMT-P, is director of Ada County Paramedics in Boise, ID. He is president-elect of the National EMS Management Association and a member of the EMS World editorial advisory board.