SmartBaby from Ambu SmartMan

One of the most valuable elements of simulator training is being able to practice skills that are almost never used in the real-world setting. There is no greater example than that of pediatric CPR.

With no pathophysiology to impact them at such an early stage in life, pediatric patients rarely need CPR. For example, with my paramedic program, 24 students will rotate through over 14,000 hours of supervised in-field time, and if there are two pediatric CPR events per year, that is unusual. Many years there are none, and that is a real emotional blessing, but not so in regard to skill development and mastery.

Thanks to the introduction of the Ambu SmartBaby, this infrequently used skill can be taught and honed to perfection. Color bars on the flat plate screen provide instant and easy-to-understand visual color feedback to help modify skills performance, and SmartBaby gives any provider the unique opportunity to practice pediatric CPR over and over, helping them develop the muscle memory necessary for high-end skills performance.

In addition to the muscle memory, when you complete a cycle of pediatric CPR training, the SmartBaby provides an overall evaluation of skill performance (including BVM use), in the form of a percentage. It tells you if you are compressing too far or too fast, or aren’t releasing the chest wall adequately. If the rate of ventilation is wrong, or the ventilation volume is either excessive or inadequate, you get feedback to help you continue developing and polishing this skill set. When the practice session is over, you have the opportunity to review the results immediately or you can archive them for future reference to gauge how any provider is doing. The SmartBaby from Ambu SmartMan is one fantastic training tool. Period.

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