Slishman Traction Splint from Rescue Essentials

At first glance, you can’t help but notice the sleek look of the Slishman Traction Splint from Rescue Essentials, thanks to the three black satin finished, telescoping aluminum poles that make up the body of the splint. Simply put, you’ve got a very compact and storage-friendly device. How storage-friendly, you ask? The answer would be 22" x 3" x 3". That’s real friendly in my mind. For backcountry or military applications, that minimal size and a weight of just 1lb, 8oz is ideal.

The backbone of the Slishman is a high tensile strength 6061 aluminum framework that is corrosion, chemical, rust, heat, water and shock resistant, as well as being very temperature stable. Just because the Slishman is small and lightweight, don’t think that somehow compromises performance. In truth, it is a big performer when compared with other traction splints.

The Slishman Traction is simple to use and easy to apply. You just attach the neoprene ankle strap, then fasten the groin strap, and lastly, fit the pole into the end cap. Two cam locks make adjustment a two-second event, and you have “coarse” traction now applied. To fine-tune the traction process, you just release the proximal cam lock and pull the cord. Thanks to the innovative pulley system, pulling traction is effortless. A mid-leg neoprene strap finishes up the process by providing rotational stability.

The creative design of the Slishman Traction Splint allows it to perform just as well on pediatric patients with just one simple strap adjustment. The Slishman Traction Splint from Rescue Essentials is an extremely well-designed, well-manufactured product that comes with the added perks of being lightweight and compact. If you are in the market for a traction splint, it would be a crime not to check this bad boy out!

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