Rapid Pad System from Ready Electrodes, LLC

As EMS providers, we find ourselves challenged to provide emergency cardiac care in every possible environment. Relative to death of cardiac muscle, time is truly of the essence. Irrespective of whether we are performing an evaluation or intervention, the clock does not stop ticking, thus we are continually challenged to be even more efficient in the realm of time management.

With the introduction of the Rapid 12 Lead Pad System from Ready Electrodes, LLC, we can shave valuable time off the cardiac care time clock.

The Rapid 12 Lead is a one-size-fits-all, cost effective and easily applied set of 12-lead electrodes. From the moment you remove the pre-connected Rapid 12 Lead Pad from your monitor case you will notice how well the lead wires are controlled, which prevents tangles, and the actual placement takes a mere 11 seconds of elapsed time. This leads to a faster evaluation, allowing the EMS team to quickly determine the optimal patient treatment and destination decision. The Rapid 12 Lead Pad facilitates early interventions in the field setting and shortens the time of delivery to definitive care.

The Rapid 12 Lead Pad is a classic example of what I refer to as “elegant simplicity” in a product. It is a great idea that is executed very well and totally eliminates the need to peel and place 10 individual electrodes. Tick-tock, tick-tock…we can never forget that the patient care clock keeps on ticking as we assess and care for these patients. Save every valuable second you can for cardiac care patients by utilizing the Rapid 12 Lead Pad from Ready Electrodes, LLC. Time saved is indeed muscle saved in this challenging venue.

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