Pro Sports EMS Spineboard from Progressive Medical International

To be honest, I’m surprised at how long it has taken for someone in the industry to address this issue. In the same breath, I’m not surprised that PMI brought the solution to the table in conjunction with the Rapid Deployment Pro Sports EMS company. The problem: using standard-size long spineboards to immobilize professional athletes. The solution: the Pro Sports EMS Spineboard.

At first glance you can’t help but notice several unique design features of the Pro Sports EMS Spineboard. At 84” x 20” x 2”, this spineboard is almost a foot longer than a standard issue spineboard, clearly designed to accommodate a larger athlete, i.e., professional or college level. The single-weight carrying capacity is an impressive 1,000 lbs, but the board features extra stability, thanks to carbon fiber rods, that addresses even the largest of the large. In fact, I’m confident that the Pro Sports EMS Spineboard would even work on Nebraska Cornhusker linemen, who all appear to be genetically linked to large kitchen appliances.

There are no fewer than 14 large (2” x 7.5”), ergonomically designed hand-holds, thus facilitating a safer and easier patient lift. An added plus is the snap-in Pro-LITE head immobilizer. Couple that with the fact that the Pro Sports EMS Spineboard is 100% x-ray translucent. The Pro Sports EMS Spineboard is a unique specialty device that will better help meet patient care needs, and one you should seriously consider if your service provides game coverage for either professional or college football events.

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