HeartStart FR3 from Philips Healthcare

Without question, the AED is one of the most significant medical advances of this century. Then to take the operational skill that once upon a time was performed only by physicians and make it a skill that even a grade-school child could do represented another quantum leap. All that remained was to take the hardware and tighten up its performance to really bring this essential medical intervention home.

That third step has not just occurred, it has occurred big time with the delivery of the HeartStart FR3 to market from Philips Healthcare.
Building on the legendary, pioneering product technology that was the Heartstream ForeRunner, the HeartStart FR3 is what happens when you take excellence and refine it.

As soon as you open the case, the FR3 powers up automatically, eliminating one step in the performance process. The pads are now “peel and place,” thus eliminating another step in the performance process, that of tearing open the foil pack and extracting the pads and patient cable. Each step that has been removed brings great potential. When your operater is thrust into duty because another human being has died of sudden cardiac arrest, ANYTHING that can be done to remove required actions on their part saves deployment time and speeds up the time for shock delivery.

Another fantastic feature is that one set of pads allows the FR3 to be used for either adults or pediatric patients. Insertions of the “Infant/Child” key automatically decreases the shock delivery and implements the already configured infant/child CPR protocols.

The HeartStart FR3 performs over 90 daily, weekly and monthly tests to assure readiness and its visual indicator confirms a good-to-go status. The long-life battery will deliver up to 300 shocks, and all this performance from a 3½-lb machine. You can download data either via Bluetooth or SD card. Oh, and lest I forget, the HeartStart FR3 is now IP55-rated for protection against dust and jetted water, adding even further to its already built-tough-as-nails design, so you know you can count on it to perform when you need it to perform.

Visit www.healthcare.philips.com/us_en/, or call 800/453-6860.