The BabyPod from First Line Technology

We transport no more precious and fragile cargo in the world of EMS than infants and neonates. This has always been the case throughout the history of modern EMS. That being said, the transport of infants and neonates in most EMS systems is by no means a daily or even weekly event, and in truth, months may pass between infant/neonate calls.

When a pediatric call does come in, we’ve typically had to remove the cot and install a specialty mount that would hold what is commonly called a transport isolette. The basic isolette is about the size and shape of a small dresser, and tips the scales at about 150 to 175 pounds. Isolettes are awkward and heavy, and make your back hurt just looking at them, but thanks to the BabyPod, we can kiss those isolettes good-bye.

Built with carbon-fiber construction, this extraordinary device weighs only 21 pounds. It has a transparent lid that allows excellent visibility of the patient. Because this device is manufactured with no metal components, the infant/neonate packaged safely within can have an MRI, CT scan or x-ray while remaining secured in the BabyPod.

Compared to the standard isolette of old, the BabyPod can reduce the consumption of oxygen by up to 400%, making it very cost effective. Through the use of disposable TransWarmer infant transport mattresses, the precious patient inside enjoys a toasty 104º F habitat for up to 2 hours, surrounded by shock-absorbent foam nestled on a vacuum mattress that is crash-test rated up to 10G (roughly 55 mph).

The BabyPod is a marvel of design and engineering that is worthy of serious consideration if your service is charged with the transportation of infants and neonates. Your lower back will probably send you a thank-you card.

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