FASPLINT HalfBack from Hartwell Medical

FASPLINT HalfBack from Hartwell Medical

Article Dec 27, 2012

For what seems like forever in EMS years, spine care focused solely on protecting the spine by splinting it in a neutral position. Little thought was given to comfort, as it played a distant second fiddle to keeping the spine in line. Achieving a blend of function and comfort is one of the characteristics of the FASPLINT HalfBack from Hartwell Medical that makes it unique in both what it does and how it does it, i.e., a truly “comfortable” spine care splint.

The FASPLINT uses the traditional Hartwell vacuum splint technology, and as the air is being pumped out, the splint can easily be molded around the patient’s rib cage, shoulder girdle, neck and head. Once formed, the splint has a comfortable feel that is a result of the wrap-around configuration. The polystyrene beads have excellent insulating properties as well, helping protect the patient from hypothermia.

From a functional perspective the FASPLINT HalfBack provides similar spine protection to a vest-type device, helping stabilize roughly C-1 to the waistline, only it does so without you having to execute the 3 to 5 straps used to fasten a vest-type device. You just place the patient on the FASPLINT HalfBack and vacuum it around them. All you need are the gurney straps to secure the patient thanks to the form-fitting properties of the splint and you can hit the road.

This splint is particularly helpful when working with patients who have kyphosis or other spine curvatures, allowing them to be transported much more comfortably, thanks to the HalfBack’s form-fitting capabilities.

Last but not least on the list of positives, the FASPLINT HalfBack is built tough—as you would expect from Hartwell—and is easily cleaned or deconned as the need arises. With its great pricing, the FASPLINT HalfBack from Hartwell Medical stretches your equipment dollars just a little bit further. Better patient care and money saved is a combination that makes any EMS service director smile.

Visit www.hartwellmedical.com, or call 800/633-5900.

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