PowerTraxx from Ferno

PowerTraxx from Ferno

Article Dec 27, 2012

If you were looking at a short list of ways to get hurt in EMS, it would include moving patients up or down stairs. Two people, trying to work in a tight physical environment, while lifting or lowering another human being in 6-inch increments, stair by stair, is a sure-fire recipe for lower back or knee disaster.

Thanks to the Ferno PowerTraxx, you can toss out the “heave-ho, away we go” game plan, while at the same time keeping your back from getting trashed.

What you’ve got here is the evolution of its manual predecessor, the Ferno EZ Glide. The folks in the head shed at Ferno decided to add a reliable power source to the EZ Glide, mount a pair of tough Kevlar tracks that grip and grab like nobody’s business, then put it all to work with simple-to-use paddle-style controls, creating the PowerTraxx.

With a bull’s-eye focus on safety, the PowerTraxx has electronic brake locks that secure the tracks whenever you stop during ascent or descent. There’s also a built-in electronic speed control that limits track speed during any descent so you don’t suddenly find yourself jogging at high speed with your partner and patient down a flight of stairs.

Ferno’s choice to use a Milwaukee brand battery source is built on Milwaukee’s rock solid presence in the tool industry. The lithium-ion battery that drives the PowerTraxx will take a 250-lb patient down 20 flights of stairs and still have roughly 25% of the charge remaining. If you need to swap out a battery, it’s a 5-second event. As for keeping the batteries hot, you can take a dead battery to full charge in 30 minutes.

Two more home-run features—the seat lifts and snaps off for easy cleaning and decon, and this workhorse device folds down to a mere 10 inches of storage space. All I can say is, wow!

Visit www.ferno.com, or call 877/733-0911.

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