EVS 1769 from EVS Ltd.

If you wanted to track the evolution of the ambulance attendant seat, you could look at the EVS product line from the last two decades. EVS Ltd. has led the EMS industry almost singlehandedly to where we are today as far as function, comfort, storability and versatility. If you want to experience the perfect marriage of design and function in an ambulance attendant seat, that would be the EVS 1769 with Mobility 1 Tracking.

This is an extraordinarily comfortable, well-constructed seat that provides many options for use. The Mobility 1 Tracking allows the provider to have up to 48" in right-to-left movement, allowing them to grab supplies or provide patient care. The swivel base can be mounted in any of three different locations, providing different configuration options in the ambulance. The seamless construction makes cleaning and decon work a snap, and you get two solid choices when it comes down to restraint, either the 3-point or the 6-point.

Should you have a situation where transporting a second patient in the prone position is needed, the EVS 1769 unlatches and folds forward. Once it’s folded down, you’ll see that the back is covered with a non-skid surface for additional safety. When you need more space, the EVS 1769 easily folds up into a remarkably thin storage position.

If you wish to see what state-of-the-art ambulance attendant seating looks like, you need look no further than the EVS 1769 from EVS Ltd.

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