Caesar from CAE Healthcare

In clinical medicine, the ability to simulate certain conditions, especially those that occur infrequently but have acuity requiring high performance, is a must. To really create the “suspension of disbelief” that leads to optimal learning, the simulator needs to go outside the classroom into the real world. With the high tech platform that high fidelity simulators need, “tough” really wasn’t an option, as high-tech often meant fragile. Then came Caesar.

This is a simulator begging to be outside in EMSland. You can drag him by his arms or legs, or you can drop him, all while subjecting him to heat, humidity, rain, dirt or sand. He can be operated from as far away as 300 feet, as long as you are in line of sight. You can practice advanced airway management and severe hemorrhage control in the most harsh, realistic environments. (Caesar even screams when you tighten up the tourniquet!)

Thanks to the incredible performance of the Muse interface, coupled with a rugged tablet PC, you get a human patient simulator with physiology that “responds” to treatments such as tourniquet application, needle decompression of the chest, etc. Caesar can be operated on-the-fly, or you can use any of the 10 preprogrammed clinical experiences, including IED explosion, spinal shock, facial trauma, multiple gunshot wounds and more. With the capacity to hold 1.4 liters of blood, Caesar produces dramatic bleeding and the changeable moulaged limbs add even more realism to the simulation possibilities.

In the world of human patient simulators, Caesar stands alone. Incredible technology married to a Rambo-like platform prove to me that Caesar is without a doubt the real deal.

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