Board Armor—The Patented Backboard Cover

When confronted with a seriously traumatized patient who requires spinal motion restriction, you often end up with a spineboard covered with “mud, blood and beer.” Getting the board back in service is no five-minute deal, as you attempt to get the nooks and crannies cleaned up and deconned. Thanks to the folks at Board Armor, you can make the board clean-up project a thing of the past.

Board Armor is a patented, disposable backboard cover that comes packaged in a recyclable plastic bag and deploys in just seconds. The device features Tychem® QC, which is ASTM-certified for protection against blood and viral penetration. The Board Armor product line offers two choices: the “Cover Only” package comes with the board wrap only, while the “Cover with Head Blocks” package comes with a head immobilizer included.

Board Armor is designed to allow easy access to the lifting handles. In addition, there is no compromise to the spinal motion restriction process.
Board Armor is a well thought out product that provides a valuable function for patients and providers alike. Patients get protection from cross contamination from the spine board. Providers, well, you can just put the scrub brush away, and slide on the Board Armor. You will be glad you did, as will your shoulders, elbows and your infection control officer!

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