Introcan Safety 3 Closed IV Catheter from B. Braun Medical, Inc.

Without question, one of the highest risk areas in prehospital medicine occurs when establishing vascular access with a needle through a catheter device. Because the skin must be punctured to gain access to a vein, an exposed needle is required and that, in and of itself, presents a risk that can’t be eliminated.

What can be done is to limit the amount of time the needle tip is exposed after the venipuncture is complete, and then effectively eliminate the puncture risk.

With the introduction of the Introcan Safety® 3 Closed IV Catheter from B. Braun Medical, Inc., the EMS industry has taken steps toward making the process of establishing vascular access much safer. The most significant safety feature on the Introcan Safety 3 is clearly the passive safety needle shield. Once a flashback has been obtained and the needle is withdrawn, the needle tip is totally enclosed, eliminating the possibility of a needle stick. In addition, a blood control septum prevents blood from leaking out of the catheter after the needle is withdrawn, greatly reducing the likelihood of blood exposure. The blood control septum allows for multiple accesses for blood tubes or to set up a saline or hep-lock, while still preventing blood leakage.

Last but not least on the innovative design of the Introcan Safety 3 Closed IV Catheter is the integrated stabilization platform. This helps improve catheter stability, which in turns helps prevent excessive movement within the vessel and the likelihood of a blown vein. Given the impressive performance capabilities of the device, I think you get a truly value-priced IV catheter that also goes a long way to improving provider safety. What’s not to like about that?

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