Rescuer Emergency CPAP System from BLS Systems Limited

In the 40 years I’ve been in EMS, the addition of CPAP to our toolbox is one of the most important innovations. Especially in regard to patients with congestive heart failure or COPD, the literature tells us that intubations drop as much as 40%–70% once CPAP is put into play as an intervention.

What you get first and foremost with the Rescuer Emergency CPAP System is a low-cost, single patient-use device. The highly efficient design allows for longer cylinder life, running on as little as 5 lpm, which, by comparison, is much less than a conventional non-rebreather mask. Adjustable forehead pads help provide more patient comfort and less patient anxiety.

In addition, the Rescuer Emergency CPAP System features both inhalation and exhalation filters (3M HEPA), helping protect both the patient and the members of the EMS team. It’s easy to place and operate, and features an adjustable PEEP valve, as well as a medication delivery port that does not require interrupting the CPAP process.

The Rescuer Emergency CPAP System from BLS Systems Limited is a nicely executed blend of efficiency and effectiveness, as it delivers non-invasive ventilator support and controlled airway pressure, while at the same time providing rapid relief for maximum patient benefit with minimal oxygen consumption. All that is wrapped in a low cost and completely disposable package, eliminating the time, cost and aggravation of cleaning or decon. That is nothing but sweet!

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