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About 70,000 people were still without power due to Irma before Maria made contact with the island, and experts are predicting 175mph wind gusts and flash flooding during the worst of the storm.
“There is nothing that helps as much as someone who comes along just to comfort you."
Slowed to a crawl by a violent encounter with the island of Cuba, Hurricane Irma nonetheless pressed on toward the Florida Keys Saturday night -- with landfall expected Sunday morning.
All Recert 2.0 features are available immediately and at no cost to nationally certified EMS personnel.
The funds will be used to strengthen prevention efforts and better track opioid-related overdoses.
The award will be presented during NAEMT’s general membership meeting Oct. 17 in Las Vegas and on Oct. 18 during EMS World Expo’s opening ceremony.
The newest hurricane is one of the most powerful ever recorded over the Atlantic Ocean, with maximum winds close to 185 mph.
Moore was a member of NAEMT for over 35 years, served as a member and chair of several NAEMT committees, and served on the NAEMT board of directors for 19 years.

DUBLIN, OH—DXE Medical Inc., a Sarnova company specializing in cardiac products, services and solutions, announced Sept. 5 that it is changing its name to Cardio Partners Inc. The new name is meant to reflect the company’s newly expanded cardiac preparedness service offering.

MONOC retains the honor of being the 152nd Emergency Medical Dispatch Accredited Center in the world.
Nearby residents were told to stay inside, turn off their air conditioning and close windows and doors.

Healthcare attorneys are witnessing a "pretty significant uptick" in litigation related to EMS billing, said Doug Wolfberg, JD, a partner at Page Wolfberg & Wirth, a Pennsylvania-based law firm specializing in EMS representation.

Wolfberg and partner Steve Wirth, JD, presented "Pinnacle Legal Update 2017" at the Pinnacle EMS conference in Boca Raton, Fla. Aug. 11.

While ambulance providers have historically been the target of improper billing action, now, the federal government is casting a wider net in terms of levying penalties.

"If you're doing something wrong, you might want to have a strong relationship with your wife," said FBI Special Agent Shaun O'Neill during his presentation "Chasing the Medicare Dragon: An FBI Investigator's Perspective."
Martha Hayward delivered "What EMS Leaders Can Learn from the IHI About Patient-Centered Care" Tuesday evening Aug. 8.
Seasoned educator, trainer and paramedic will enrich year-round EMS education through real-world experience