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Should the unthinkable happen on duty, your service will be honored and remembered

Each year in May, representatives from the National EMS Memorial Service, National EMS Memorial Foundation and National EMS Memorial Bike Ride gather in Arlington, Va., to pay tribute to fallen EMS and air medical providers during the National EMS Weekend of Honor. This story was written by a rider from the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride’s east coast route who attended the National EMS Memorial Service for the first time.

These hospice transfers are the days these families will remember forever.
Just in time for National CPR and AED Awareness Week, eight Ohio community parks are equipped with AED stations.
The opioid epidemic has taken a large toll on first responders and taxpayers, resulting in a retaliatory lawsuit filed against pharmaceutical companies and doctors who strongly advocate prescribing opioids for pain management.
The Emergency Operation Center is encouraging residents to have 72 hours worth of supplies in the event of a severe storm without rescue.
A new law goes into effect Sept. 1 that will make it illegal to operate retired ambulances for marketing, transportation or even as party buses or "slambulances"
Camp Crane was the only training ground for the U.S. Army Ambulance Service
Seven ambulances drive all day in Worcester and four handle the nights
Be grateful today for those who go above and beyond, including other responders.
The World CPR Challenge is just one aspect of the week’s lifesaving efforts.
FEMA and Nextdoor, the neighborhood social networking app, is partnering to allow FEMA to send important messages to app users during natural disasters and other emergencies.
EMS professionals have driven dramatic changes in technology and prehospital medicine, professional education and the way EMS is managed.
This year’s theme is “EMS Strong: Always in Service.”
The clinic will teach the public how to recognize and treat overdoses as well as provide help for addicts seeking treatment.