Alternative Support Apparatus (ASAP)

Alternative Support Apparatus (ASAP)


ASAP is the solution to your all-terrain EMS/Rescue challenges. ASAP gets in and gets them out!

  • 5609 Gundy Drive
  • P.O. Box 556
  • Midvale, OH 44653
  • Phone: 740/922-2727
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax:
  • Website:

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MedStat All-Terrain Mini Ambulance

Product From Alternative Support Apparatus (ASAP)

The MedStat is the safest, UTV based, off-road ambulance on the market and has been extensively tested by the Transportation Research Center, an independent testing facility. In fully loaded conditions, the MedStat tile table tested to 24° and slope climbed their maximum slope of 31°, and passed all braking tests with no problems.

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