Hartwell Medical Corp.

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Hartwell Medical Corp.

Company Details:
6354 Corte del Abeto
Carlsbad, CA 92011-1479

Phone: 760/438-5500

Website: http://www.hartwellmedical.com

Hartwell Medical started in 1989 with a new way to splint extremity injuries using vacuum technology instead of air pressure. Today, Hartwell Medical manufactures the #1 selling EVAC-U-SPLINT and the new, semi-disposable FASPLINT. In 1999, Hartwell Medical introduced the award-winning CombiCarrier, the first combination backboard and scoop stretcher. Today, the next generation CombiCarrierII is even thinner, lighter and stronger than the original, and continues to be the ideal patient handling and transfer device. All of our products are subjected to clinical evaluation and real-life field tests to ensure they meet our high quality standards. Hartwell Medical is continually working to provide you, the emergency care provider, with quality products for life.