Horton Emergency Vehicles Co.

Horton Emergency Vehicles Co.

Horton Emergency Vehicles feature the Horton Occupant Protection System (HOPS) for rollover collisions.

If Horton vehicles were known for only one thing, it would be quality. From the engineering to the fit and finish of the body and interiors, Horton quality is unsurpassed. The quality of Horton translates to more than a great environment to work in and a vehicle you can depend on. That quality translates to safety.

But Horton is known for much more than just quality. Horton also brings you more technological innovations than anyone in the industry. Browse our website and learn more about our ambulances, rescue trucks, critical care transports and the features that make Horton vehicles unique.

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Horton Medium Duty Series

Product From Horton Emergency Vehicles Co.

Maximum payload, rugged durability, spacious work areas and ample storage—Horton's Emergency Vehicles' Medium Duty Series has it all. Every Horton vehicle includes the most advanced biohazard controls, safety features, reliability systems, acoustic and thermal standards.

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