Rapid Deployment Products, Inc

Rapid Deployment Products, Inc


Manufactures EMS extrication and immobilization products, including the Prolite Spineboard, Pro-Lite Speedboard and the Prolite Head Immobilizer. The company is owned and operated by a firefighter/paramedic.

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Product From Rapid Deployment Products, Inc

Do you perform "Rapid Take Down" on almost every patient? Can you clinically justify this practice? "Rapid Take Down" is intended to be reserved for the multi-system trauma patient with low blood pressure. You do it anyway because the short spine devices most widely available were designed decades ago, in the day of bench seats and big cars. They just do not work well in today's bucket seats. They are nearly impossible to clean, disinfect and just take too long to apply. Why place your patient at risk of permanent disability when now you can do the job right without compromise?

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