Venoscope, LLC

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Venoscope, LLC

Company Details:
1018 Harding Street
Lafayette, LA 70503

Phone: 337/234-8993

Venoscope, LLC is the manufacturer and distributor of the patented Venoscope model VT03 and the Neonatal Transilluminator model NT01. The devices are used to locate and access hard to find veins for IV therapy and blood draws. They are used in hospitals, doctors offices and EMS in the US and world wide.



  • Vehicle Equipment
    The Neonatal Transilluminator uses high intensity, cool LED light in different wavelengths to allow the clinician to visualize the small veins in neonates. It is placed under the hand or foot and the veins appear as dark lines on the opposite side ...Continue Reading
  • Ambulance & Vehicle Accessories
    The VT03 uses high intensity LED lights with different wave lengths to locate peripheral veins for IV acces and blood draws on pediatric through obese adult patients. It is battery operated and is about the size of a fold out cell phone. It works ...Continue Reading