Turley Backboard Pad Co.

Turley Backboard Pad Co.


The Turley Backboard Pad is a gel pad that goes on any backboard to provide greater comfort and prevent pressure sores. It may also be heated and cooled to use as an adjunct to many treatments in emergency medicine, such as inducing hypothermia and preventing the Trauma Triad.

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Turley Backboard Pad

Product From Turley Backboard Pad Co.

The Turley Backboard Pad was created by veteran field paramedic Amy Turley out of compassion and need. It is a reusable, multi-purpose, multi-use gel pad that can be heated and cooled according to the patient's need. Use cold for induced theraputic hypothermia, heat stroke, splinting, cardiac and spinal injury patients. Use heated for patient comfort, hypothermia, to prevent heat loss and prevent the Trauma Triad of Death. The Turley Backboard Pad fits on any backboard or immobilization device. Decon after each use, and use again and again for years.

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