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XMED Disposal

Company Details:
2126 Metro Circle, SW
Huntsville, AL 35801

Phone: 256-532-0679

XMED Disposal, Inc. collects, transports, treats and disposes of medical waste, pharmaceuticals and personal care products and hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated by hospitals medical practices and other health care providers as well as multiple industry and retail market segments. The company serves medical, dental, veterinary clinics and labs as well as many other generators of sharps, medical, pharmaceutical and hazardous waste including ambulance services and paramedics. Located in Huntsville, AL, XMED also provides nationwide e-commerce based return services of sharps and used health care materials to waste generators and other commercial and residential customers not served by route collection vendors. Learn more at www.xmeddisposal.com.

XMED Mail System Med Pro containers are among the most attractive and safe returnable containers in the health care market. The sturdy containers are designed to be affordable, and convenient as well as durable during shipping. The ordering and automated reorder system makes the XMED Mail System the easiest on the market to use and resupply. You are never without a proper container.

The Med Pro Series is available in six sizes so there is a right size for virtually any health care or cosmetology application and disposal need. Each container has all the necessary components to return ship sharps and used health care materials back to XMED for proper treatment and disposal.

  • Med Pro 30
  • Med Pro 10
  • Med Pro 5
  • Med Pro 2
  • Med Pro 1
  • Med Pro Mini