Dynamic Systems, Inc.

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Dynamic Systems, Inc.

Company Details:
15331 NE 90th St.
Redmond, WA 98052

Phone: 425/216-1204

Website: http://www.a-barcode.com

Dynamic Systems, Inc. has been providing barcode systems since 1981 and was one of the first to install a barcode reader. Dynamic Systems has over 100 years total experience with barcoding solutions. We have a full staff of programmers and support personnel. We know how to help improve your processes. We can not only supply you with easy-to-use, reliable and affordable software, but we can help you set up your processes and maximize the benefit to your company. CheckMate allows you to centralize materials across all facilities.

Our applications include:

  • EMS Equipment Tracking—Track to person, truck, location; set due dates; reserve items; kit items to one check out number; keep track of maintenance; attach copy of manuals.
  • EMS Inventory Control—Manage inventory in multiple locations; check out to order, job; move from one location to another; multiple units of measure; track serial numbers; and much more.
  • EMS Document Tracking—Track documents or books, files or file boxes; check out to place or person; kit documents to file, to box, to pallet; many more features & reports; hyperlink to electronic data.
  • EMS Capital Assets—Track capital equipment to a location (building/room/desk); manage moves; track by item number, serial number, multiple key words; depreciation schedule; many reports.
  • EMS ID Badge—Helps the public identify emergency service personnel quickly. And can also be used to check out items with Checkmate Software, and to verify personnel to access medical sites and have access to stockrooms and equipment.