Micro-Scientific Industries, Inc.

Micro-Scientific Industries, Inc.

Company Details:
1225 Carnegie St.
Suite 101
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 USA

Phone: 847/454-0835
Toll Free: 888/253-2536
Fax: 847/454-0837

Micro-Scientific Industries manufactures a full line of infection control products for EMS including Opti-Cide3 Cleaner/Sanitizer/Disinfectant. Opti-Cide3 is a new, accelerated 10-second hard & soft surface sanitizer and 2-minute hospital level disinfectant. Kills TB, viruses, fungus and bacteria. Safe for all hard and soft surfaces including mattresses, monitors, MDTs, laptops, restraints, soft equipment bags, PPE/turn-out gear, plastics, aluminum and all other surfaces in the EMS environment.

Opti-Cide3 Accelerated Broad Spectrum Disinfectant/Cleaner

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