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Company Details:
2456 Fortune Drive
Lexington, KY 40509

Phone: 859/299-9494


Introduced in 2003, CobaltAV, the proprietary brand of ComtronICS, Inc., provides complete 2-way radio audio accessories and peripherals designed to bring you innovative high quality and value priced products from a single source.

We offer you prompt customer service, and our advantageous central location in Lexington, KY, allows us to offer short turnaround delivery to much of the eastern United States and Canada.

Cobalt AV brings you the most cutting edge products around, including the AMPS "Advance speaker Microphone for Public Safety," CobaltBlue Bluetooth adapters for wireless headsets and HME tactical wireless headset intercoms. We have recently revived and revamped the throat mic and antenna speaker mics for lower and higher tier portable radios. We offer Boston Amplifier bi-directional amplifiers to enhance cell coverage in buildings and vehicles, as well as Bluetooth technology headsets and devices for high noise areas. Our trademark Cobalt blue muff headsets feature detachable radio/intercom cords. In addition, we custom build headsets, cable assemblies, wireless telephony and intercom applications.

  • HME and Cobalt A/V's DX300ES Tactical Wireless Headset Radio System for public safety and other communication critical tasks supports hands-free “hot mic”, two-way digital conversations for up to 15 headset users while simultaneously monito ...Continue Reading