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Printrex has been producing high performance thermal printers/plotters for original equipment manufacturers since 1987. These OEMs integrate the printers into a wide range of industrial, scientific, medical, vehicle based and kiosk systems. Printrex serves markets where operation in adverse environments is common and high reliability is the norm.

Printrex has a proud history serving applications that demand rugged reliability, like fire engines. In the medical field, Printrex supplies products for demanding applications in EKGs and EEGs.

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  • San Jose, CA 95112
  • Phone: 408/573-1200
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  • Fax: 408/573-1600
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811 Printer

Product From Printrex

Printrex is introducing a lower-profile mobile printer for ambulance and police. The Printrex 812 is widely used in fire trucks, but the smaller confines of ambulance and police vehicles demand a smaller envelope. The wall-mounted Printrex 811 projects a tiny profile that is less than 4 inches high and less than 3 inches deep. An optional quick release system is available. The 811 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2011.

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